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D&D 5E Hourglass and Sundial


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Sneak Attack Press has released our newest book in the This and That series: Hourglass and Sundial for 5e.

How long have we been in this dungeon? When will the torch run out? Is that dragon about to wake up? Questions of timing are critical in any fantasy roleplaying game, just as they have been throughout history, and just like in history, characters need ways of telling time.

Hourglass and Sundial is a mini-book themed around how we tell time.

It includes
  • Real world history of telling time: from sundials to atomic clocks
  • Telling time in a fantasy world
  • 2 new traps
  • Guidelines for sundial puzzles
  • Random tables to generate time pieces
  • 5 new magic items: from the massive circle of stones to the handy pocket sundial
  • 3 new monsters: sand ghost, temporal steward, and walking bomb
You can get Hourglass and Sundial now, or save by purchasing it as part of the This and That bundle.


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