How Cool is this? Late-night D20 Jam Session!

Right now I'm in a chat room with Morrus, Mark from CreativeMountain, and Cyberzombie, and earlier we had in Duncan "Scarogoth" Fielden, Nat20's layout guy. We're in a frenetic and hilarious jam session of last-minute proofing and editing of The Elements of Magic. After some initial disagreements over a few rules issues, everything is ironed out now, the text is overall brilliant, and we're just looking for a karaoke machine that plays Bohemian Rapsody:

Go a few posts down. :cool:

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I can only imagine what that session was like and it scares the hell out of me....

Gamers and karaoke...<shudder>

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We were in a hurry, so we kept the blood-letting to a minimum. I only collected a single ear the whole time!

I've had only four hours of sleep (and that was in two different batches!) but it was worth it if we can get this out on Monday. :D


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The ENworldian Rhapsody.....

That my friend is the funniest thing I've read on a message board all year....

The only problem now is that I have it stuck in my head. Not Bohemian Rhapsody, but your ENworld version...

Funny stuff....

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