How do you feel about stretch goals?


What I do like is supplemental content that come in the form of booklets or files separate from the base product. (eg, This often includes things like short adventure/s for a core system or setting.) Basically, I like items that don't interfere with delivery of the core product, but that can help me get additional use out of it even if they come later.
I agree here. I see a trend with a lot of new Kickstarters with everything already written and set to go rather than still in development. It must be harder to insert more writing at that point, but not so much to hire a writer again to make a supplemental adventure to the campaign world or feature some of the monsters in a module. I do not mind it as a PDF that I can just print.

I could also go for a battle map that get inserted into the books being mailed out, but do not want things being delayed because of it.

I do like to see stretch goals in general. The point of getting more people to pay brings in more money to the publisher and seeing them offer to push more product back to you instead of keeping it as profit says something about the publisher. Not sure that this model is better than one where the price goes down based on how many subscribe. If my $50 backing became $40 after 1000 backers I'm not sure if I would like it better than getting a 'free' adventure module. I seem to have already felt comfortable spending the $50, but getting a discount makes me feel better.

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I do not back anymore KS or Indiegogo... But when i used to do that i had the impression that:
1. Stretch bonus items can be of 2 types mainly: add-ons to the object of the fund-raising (namely: color print rather than b/w, additional pages, HB rather than softback...) or "useless" stuff (a die, a sticker, a card...)
2. I will not comment the first type of rewards as they should ideally increase the quality of the final product, for the second group of rewards (btw apologies if i used "useless", no offense intended: this is namely the true meaning, i could enjoy the final product even without them) there are 2 endings: if they fall in the hands of a collector, they are kept with religious care as they are "exclusive", otherwise they likely get lost, used, consumed
3. I have always missed the rationale of a stretch goal from the economic perspective of the publisher: if you earn "x" for a single sale, you are likely giving up to a part of the profit in case of success... And the part of profit you "use" is getting as large as it is the number of sales. And, what is worse, this is proportional with the number of sales! I have always wondered whether or not a publisher instead of sending freebies or givaways, has decided to lower the price of the item... This would economically lead to the same effect but it could be perceived in a different way by the pledgers.

...ok i stop here because these are my main questions on the crowfunding mechanics... After that i have only personal doubts: for the time being i am not convinced to run a KS to launch the RPG i have written, it doesnt make sense to me... if someone has good reasons, pls let me have them!

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