How do you pronounce "Asmodeus"

How do you pronounce "Asmodeus"

  • As-moh-DAY-us

    Votes: 62 38.0%
  • As-MOHD-ee-us

    Votes: 84 51.5%
  • other

    Votes: 17 10.4%


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TheAuldGrump said:
Ash-mo-day, going for the older root of the name. (Even in Latin the ultimate S is often left unpronounced.)
If that's true, I feel stupid. I took 4 years of Latin in high school, and I've never heard that.

Same as Klaus, above: az-moh-DAY-oos.

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Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
There are 2 proper ways of pronouncing it, as shown in Dragon Compedium, Vol. I:


I like to pronounce it the second way.


As' mo-de' us

Five different sources; all show it as above, all short vowels (no long), two accentuated syllables with 'de' being the stronger of the two.

This is just the correct one, but you can pronounce it any way you like in your own game.


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Aris Dragonborn said:
I chose 'other'.


Though I think that 'oz-moe-DAY-us' sounds pretty cool too.
I believe either one of these could pass for a Texas drawl version as well. :D
The second does sound more deep south though. :)

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