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Level Up (A5E) How does 5.5e/6e impact Level Up?


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So with WotC declaring a "Backwards Compatible" new set of core rulebooks, which essentially translates to those of us who have seen WotC's offerings as 5.5e, what sort of impact do we expect to see on Level Up/Advanced 5th Edition?

In just over a week the Kickstarter will go live. And I'll be buying the Level Up books pretty much immediately, along with a whole mess of other people, I'm sure. We'll be getting the Core Rulebook and the Monstrous Menagerie right out of the gate, which is great news. But what will we see beyond that?

I love Level Up as presented. Particularly the Exploration mechanics and class design changes. And in 2024 when 5.5e comes out I'll still probably be using the Level Up mechanics with the 5.5e updates to other system ('Cause there's no way WotC intends to actually make and run with exploration and social rulesets in their "Rules Light" system).

But what about future books? Will ENPublishing take hints from 5.5e and base their continued efforts on that work's new "Chassis"?

I, for one, am excited to find out.

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If 5.5E is compatible with 5E (as they've said it will be), and Level Up is compatible with 5E, then there's no reason to think 5.5E won't be compatible with Level Up. In fact, it has to be by definition.

And it looks like 5.5E is doing some similar stuff to Level Up when it comes to monsters and the like, so I think they'll complement each other well.

But until we see 5.5E, there's no way to tell! Maybe 5.5E will be based on Level Up! It's 3 years away, so our focus is fully on our launch next week! We'll worry about 5.5E in 3 years. :D
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My group said if 5.5/6E is neck and neck with Level Up and it comes down to a tough decision, we will go with D&D just due to the name "Level Up". Horrible name for a fantasy RPG.
If my group said it was neck and neck, I'd take a good hard look at both games to see which one edged out the other in my opinion. A name is just a name. The game itself is where it's at.

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