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ZEITGEIST How does the Risuri Government work

Several of my players are considering constitutional reform under Queen Nevla towards a parliamntary constitutional monarchy . I cannot work out from the notes available exactly how the existing system works

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Well, let's see.

Kingdom of Risur
Capital: Slate
Government: Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary federal

When the current monarch dies or abdicates, the successor must be
approved by the House of Nobles. The House of Nobles includes the
current holders of any Baron, Viscount, Count, Earl, Marquess, or
Duke titles (or the equivalent) handed out by the current or a previous
monarch. Such titles can be revoked by royal decree, with consent of
a majority of other nobles.

Twenty-three governors direct the affairs of Risur’s various provinces.
Most of these are of noble lineage, descended from one of the nation’s
previous kings. Noble governance tends to follow family lines, unlike the
crown. Each governor sends several representatives to the national Parliament,
which handles the details of implementing the king’s decrees and
can with a supermajority overrule them. Various officers of the court and
of Parliament direct specific sub-bureaucracies and agencies to handle
affairs involving the nation’s commerce, culture, defense, and so on.

The oldest and most developed district of Flint is home to its main
government structures, including the city council, superior court,
police headquarters, and the offices of various civil functionaries like
tax collectors.

It's a little bit of a mess, but you can still work out a fair bit. Essentially the King/Queen rules and they need to placate the House of Nobles, as well as the governors and those nobles who are governors.


So Risur already got two Houses, but the general populace doesn't have much say in them. If Nevla wanted to change the system, then the easiest way would be to have elected governors instead of them being appointed. You'd then just have to make sure that this doesn't effectively de-power the Queen as usually the monarch appoints the governors.

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