How has the Coronavirus affected your roleplaying games?


I'm a teacher and my two younger sons are in school. All of our schools got suspended for the next couple of weeks. That mean a whole lot of D&D for us. Silver lining for us I guess.


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So far, it hasn't, simply because the schedule hasn't made it an issue yet. This coming week is the first time it might have an impact.
Had a session last night. Two players had to video conference in and we had to play at an alternate location. I will be examining how to move the campaign to Roll20 for future sessions.


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Two people missed out last night; one wasn't feeling well and didn't want to take the risk, and the other had crazy work stuff because of the current issues. Ran a 1st level one-shot for the remaining players and TPK'ed the party. Weird night.


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My local convention, Princecon, was cancelled. It was this weekend.

My Friday night group would be losing our playspace as of Monday, but we're moving to online.

My Monday night group it's been discussed to move online, no firm plans yet.

Had deaths one town over, we're treating this seriously.


My regular group meets after the boy scout meeting for a few hours. Boy scout in my area recommends not having meetings if the local schools are not meeting, plus the local schools are closed for at least next week. Right now we are still planning on gaming since everyone is family and we have been in contact right along, but may move the site to one of our houses instead of the hall we normally meet.


Son's college has shut down, and the TV show I was working on had it's plug pulled because of the pandemic. We put ourselves on voluntary quarantine because both of our jobs had us at the crux of a TON of possible disease vectors and I want to make sure that we're healthy and able to help our elderly friends and family members if worse comes to worse.

We pulled the plug on our normal weekly gaming get togethers, at least until testing becomes a things that we can do. My son and I are toying around with setting up time every night to do some table top or role playing. My primary gaming group has started talking about whether we should use this as an opportunity to check out Roll20.

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My gaming group which meets in Seattle has been indefinitely suspended. One of the players was exposed to the coronavirus and is now self-quarantined. I had planned to attend a gaming convention in Oregon in two weeks but now that has been canceled.

My local group is tentatively scheduled to still play.


All my regular gaming is online. A convention I was going to help out at (ironically because the original person backed out due to fears of coronavirus) was cancelled.


It hasn't affected my regular weekly game as that's played through Google Hangouts, although obviously there could be knock on effects from some of the players having to keep their kids at home all day or rearrange things for their jobs.

The main impact so far was missing the Airecon convention in Harrogate this weekend, which was very disappointing. The convention went ahead, but we decide to cancel our attendance as my father is very ill and the increased risk of passing on an infection was simply too great.


I run a D&D game on alternate Saturdays. Since I decided to cut out non-essential social contacts last week, we ran yesterday's game via Discord. It worked surprisingly well - we could all hear each other, and the game proceeded with our usual mix of fun and banter.

I'm also in a D&D club that meets every Friday, and I will simply not be attending that for the duration. That's going to be an issue next month, as I was due to be a DM in our next quarterly session, but it's looking unlikely that the club will be continuing at full strength by then in any case.
My group meets Tuesdays at my house. I live somewhat close to Westchester, NY....close enough that one of my players lives and works there, and another player works there. A third player is a nurse at our local hospital.

So needless to say we’re not meeting for the next session, and probably not for a few weeks at least. Hopefully, things are contained and everything calms down.

We’re gonna play by Discord, and use theater of the mind until we’re able to meet again.