D&D 5E How often do you use the versatile property?


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Like the title says, I was wondering how often the versatile property is used. I don't think it's ever come up at my table and I can't think of a reason to use it regularly. So what sort of character would want to use the versatile property, have any of you played as/with such a character and how did it work out? What am I missing?

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Oh this is where the title goes?
Never, for one of my characters or someone I play with.

But I think a low level monk would be sensible to wield a spear or staff in two hands.

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I would imagine that mostly the value of the versatile property comes from different styles of characters being able to make use of the same weapon; if you want to play a sword and shield fighter, you can use a longsword, and if you want something more thematically like a 3e or earlier bastard sword wielder, you still just need a longsword. The same weapon can be used by different kinds of characters.


Throughout the campaigns my group has going now, and have planned to come up soon, quite a few characters (a monk, two wizards, two warlocks, and a fighter) utilize the versatile property of a weapon in some way. Only the fighter frequently changes between one-handed and two-handed usage, the rest usually only use the weapon two-handed and are using a versatile weapon rather than a two-handed weapon due to proficiency or size limitations (though one of the wizards is using a longsword rather than a greatsword while proficient with both because she has a magic longsword - she'll likely trade to a greatsword if she finds one that is at least as useful as her current favored sword).


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I think I've seen a character use a Versatile weapon two-handed once or twice, typically because they didn't have their shield or the like for some reason and you may as well get the extra damage.

Druid in my party has shield and quarterstaff. I have to keep reminding him to roll 1H damage unless he wants retrospective damage for not wearing his shield...


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I most often see it on monks using a quarterstaff. Similar to AaronOfBarbaria's experience, I have a character with a magical longsword that uses it two handed because he has the Great Weapon Fighting Style. He certainly could use a bigger, greater sword, but we tend to fight a lot of things with resistance to non-magical weapons. In that case: 1d10+Magic & half str > (2d6)/2 .

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