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PF2E How to make the Forge Cleric for PF2

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Well, I'd start with the Artisan background, then take a War Priest )giving you better armor and weapon proficiencies) of Torag (the god of the forge in the Inner Seas region) and use your 2nd level cleric feat to take Emblazon Arnament, which has much the same effect as the Blessing of the Forge class feature. At 7th level, you will be able to cast creation as a divine spell, allowing you to do what the Artisan's Blessing class feature grants. I'm afraid that you won't ever gain resistance or immunity to fire from your class features, but if you're a dwarf, you can gain the former at 1st level by taking the Forge Dwarf heritage. (Other ancestries might have similar heritages.)

Hope this helps.