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I was looking trough older dungeon Magazinen and was a little sad, that there is no real 5e Magazine (that I know off) today, that you can buy (Except the UK one which seems is only useful to get cheap dice and maybe for total beginners).

So if you could wish a new 5e Magazine into existence, how would it look like?

Mine would have a lot content:

  • at least one small adventure
  • a solo/cyoa adventure
  • a short story
  • an essay with advice for dungeon Master's
  • an essay with advice for players
  • player options
  • rules options
  • magic items
  • interviews with content creators
  • an advice column
I created a mockup of what my perfect Magazine could look like (contentwise, the design is very rough):



  • RPGM1.pdf
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So wouldn't a magazine that Filters out the best content be something that helps you? ;)
:ROFLMAO: I'm not sure it works that way. Who is the arbiter of the best content and that would mean one would have to subscribe to everything else and reproduce it for a fee and that is illegal likely for the original creators of that content.
Unless ofc this magazine acts as a catalogue of the best quality content.

As a DM I source my stuff from DMs Guild for specific storyline content (APs).
I check on some monster stuff (additional legendary actions, lair actions, expanded monster manuals...etc) + peripheral (herbalism, alchemy) and maybe a few hardcore ideas. I generally ignore the rest, cause I have to - there is just too much. I did for a good few years subscribe to En5ider and that had some pretty decent ideas.

Thankfully I'm not interested in player content.


Wouldn't be complete without a centerfold
Could put a foldable battlemap in there too in there. With nice mountains, a wet river running between two shores, the forest cut down to give a nice view on a Mountain, where the river starts. Rolfs that curve nicely trough the country side ...

A centerfold map is a nice idea!

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