Press Hushed Hills - A toolbox for intensifying your gothic horror adventures


Above is a visual overview of the Hushed Hills toolbox to supporting running 5e OGL gothic horror adventures. It consists of:
  • 50 encounters that maintains a balance of combat, exploration, roleplay, and skill challenges.
  • 3 high-resolution regional maps (and 1 that includes all 3).
  • 3 multi-phased boss battles.
  • 21 NPC outlines and portraits.
  • 4 quests that tie the encounters, regions, boss battles, and NPCs together.
Hushed Hills Story
Far off the beaten path, the town of Kletva surrounds a sleepy lake. Its cobbled streets are quiet, its decayed houses and shops shuttered and still. A sense of unease fills the air, and an intangible miasma shrouds the town. The Crestfall Abbey reigns over the town from an adjacent plateau.

Some millennia ago, a bygone civilization battled an elder evil they could not destroy. Instead, they imprisoned it in a temple that the ages had buried. Recently, evil seeped into the world, unleashing a plague that afflicted Kletva and the wilderness. The nuns uncovered scrolls describing a ritual that promised to revitalize the land. However, they were deceived and became the Godless Chimeras.

The Chimeras are now searching for a way to free their master while feeding their hunger with unwary travelers. The town’s blighted residents are subjugated to the service of the Chimeras. They aim to lead travelers to the forest without arousing suspicion. The abbey’s residents do not serve the elder evil but hide the recent history in fear and shame.

The adventure location described above is supported by the Hushed Hills toolbox: Hushed Hills - Immersive Adventuring |

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