WOIN Hypercorps 2099

Mike Myler

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Howdy folks!

It's been years since I turned in the manuscript for N.O.W. and I am finally getting around to an important project that's been sidelined far too long: Hypercorps 2099 for WOIN!

hc2099_cover_woin draft uno 5.24.jpg

I expect to finish the rough draft of the text by the end of the weekend, and I'd love to have some seasoned WOIN GMs and players give this a hard look to see if I'm still on my game, and to help pick out ways that the conversion might be improved. If you'd like to turn the 'superhero' dial up to, well, 2099, post here or message me! You'll get credited in the final book, I'll send you a snazzy PDF when it's all done, and toss in a coupon for an at cost copy (about ~$15?) if you want to get a print of it.


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Mike Myler

Have you been to LevelUp5E.com yet?
All apologies. I'm sincerely looking forward to this. Curious to see the route you took for the conversion. Best of luck.
You're hardly the only reason it was delayed. It's going to be great though—I've learned quite a bit about layout in the last 4 years! :)

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