I am looking to start a campaign for 3.5.

Azraella Ash

As the title states, I am looking to start a 3.5 campaign. I have one player (who is new to 3.5 and wants to learn) and she does not live in Wichita Falls, so she will be playing via Video Chat. I am looking for at least 2 (preferably 3, but I can insert an NPC into the party if I must) more players (preferably that live in Wichita Falls, Texas but not a must) to join the group.

The theme:

There was peace amongst the 5 Great Kingdoms ever since the conclusion of The War of Purity over 200 years ago. Now, without warning, the 5 Great Kingdoms are amassing their armies to war with each other. What broke the peace? Who or what engineered this? What will come of Elaethya if this soon to be War of the Order comes to full fruition?

Who will be brave enough to uncover the mysteries behind this? You?

About me:
I have been playing DnD since I was 7, starting DMing when I was 13 and started to creat my own worlds when I was 17. I am 39 now. I do not hold the players hand and guide you where you need to go. You have to ask around towns, do research in libraries, look for hints and clues. I am an Old School DM, so my dungeons tend to lean towards the "You might not get out alive" type of dungeons. Nothing I do is pre-made. I create everything myself. From the NPCs, to the towns. From the dungeons to the plot of the campaigns. My campaigns tend to take a very long time to complete. I put a lot of thought and effort into every session of the campaign to try and bring you the best balance of roleplay/battle ratio. However, how far you get in the campaign each session all depends on you, the players, and the progress you make.

I have 3 main rules (not the only rules...just the main ones)
1. If you have questions then ask, but do not argue with me about how something should be. I created this world specifically for this campaign.
2. Do not touch my things. I do not touch your things, don't touch mine.
3. Mete-gaming is ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED AND WILL GET YOUR CHARACTER KILLED. Out of character knowledge should stay that way...out of character...be warned.
the player I already have can only play on Wed, Thurs or Fri after 12pm.


My campaigns are extremely in-depth. To the point that the choices you make will impact the world around you for better or worse. So, make you choices carefully.

If you are interested and want to know about character creation for this campaign...please email me here azraella.ash@gmail.com or message me on Discord Azraella Ash#1022.

Thank you in advance for not filling the comments with useless comments.

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