I don't miss the magazines (/ducks)


I have stacks and stacks of old Dragon and Dungeon magazines sitting about 3 feet from me (about 13 magazine boxes worth). I collected them for years and years (going back to the 80s). When it was announced that Dragon and Dungeon were going the way of the Dodo (at least as far as print magazines are concerned), I had a heavy heart. I was maybe even what you’d call angry for a time.

Now, I’m much happier.

Let me say that I don’t think of Dragon or Dungeon as a magazine anymore. In my mind, I replaced the magazines with the DDI. Even notwithstanding the use of any of the “tools” (e.g. Character Builder), and just looking at the articles released under the Dragon or Dungeon label, I have to admit, the material is more useful than what the printed magazines offered me.

There was never an easy way to categorize the printed magazines and as a result I almost never (in over twenty years of D&D gaming glory) actually used any of the content. Now, however, with the ease of printing a PDF and slapping it in a folder (or just being able to save them in an easily accessible manner on my computer), I find that I actually get a ton of use out of the articles.

Am I unique (or in a small demographic) this way? Have those of you who subscribe to DDI and used to collect/subscribe to the magazines (at least Dragon) found that your actual content use has gone up?

In retrospect, I’m surprised to hear myself say that I’m glad for the DDI and even if I was presented with the alternative of having the magazines in print, I’d decline. For me, there is more value in the current format.

DDI is better for my game than Dragon or Dungeon magazine ever was.

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Eternal Optimist
For me...

Dungeon got worse. I like having printed adventures! I don't even browse through the adventures, though I should. They'd probably help a lot with my current issues in one of my campaigns. However, the lack of a good index on the site is pretty much inexcusable. I want to easily find the proper level range, setting and so forth. Why can't I? (Yes, I know that the good folk on the Wizards boards have one, but Wizards should have one themselves).

Dragon got better. I'm not really reading the articles much at present. However, my players - through the Compendium and the Character Builder - are suddenly able to access all of its PC-building content, and they're using it. This is much more than they did before, so it's had a much greater impact on my game.



Like you, I have tons of the stuff. Storing and moving them is a pani in the butt. Let alone searching through them. PDFs would be far, far ieaser to categorize, browse and hunt through.

There's also the issue of balance. I've ran across many a DM who would look at Dragon with a wary eye, because they don't trust the balance. But currently, Dragon is being put out by the same guys that make the books, so it's if nothing else on par with a splatbook.

I also like that I get an article every two to three days, instead of one big block in a month. Gives you stuff to look forward to every week. :)

Although I agree with Merric that Dungeon did take a nosedive.


Dungeon got worse.
Indeed. Dungeon used to be the best value, by far, in roleplaying. For the most part, you were getting 3 adventures per issue. Even if one adventure wasn't for you (like the adventure path's weren't for me), there were two other adventures to like. Plus there were a few columns that sometimes had useful bits in the back.

Now, there are pretty much two adventures a month and a couple of articles. Doesn't even come close.


My use has gone down.

I haven't read any article since they went digital - even though I have them saved on my hard drive. I have an intense dislike of reading on screen. I dislike the landscape format for printing - if I printed them out - and until the go to a very print friendly format I won't be doing that.

Fallen Seraph

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I didn't use the old Dragon and Dungeon but that is mainly because well it wasn't worth it for me in that format. The new format though I probably read every one and use a very large portion of it. The bite format of articles is perfect for online reading.


I read every print Dungeon and Dragon when they came out, but other than a few monsters, I didn't make much use of the material. Today, I still enjoy reading most of the articles and since everything is now integrated into the Compendium and Character Builder, everyone in the group I play with, DM and player alike, utilizes the material.


Dungeon and dragon are dead to me. Wotc kept the name and moved them online, but I couldnt care less. They killed them and their dead.

Zero use to me online. Dont care, I have a ton of them in dead tree format that I still use. Even first edition ones. Welath of still useful material.(ok ok, 2nd edition stuff not so much).

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