I got my 4e WotBS Player's Guide! (Forked from WotBS 4e coming soon?)


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Piratecat said:
I've been ramping myself up on the series. I'm working on the Player's guide first. My expectation is that I'll have it completed by Friday morning my time. I'll keep Morrus apprised if that slips for any reason.
Well, I just got my download link and email from RPGNow!! Looks good, though it might be tough (in parts) on my printer.... :p

The white text on the red-with-black-noise sidebars and the covers are going to wreak havoc on my red printer cartridge!

At glance, it doesn't look like much of the fluff has changed (has any?), but the New rules section is 8 pages (pgs 8-15) and has some nice stuff. I want to read it more deeply to get the gist of it.

BTW, is the Player's Guide normally free, even to non-subscribers? It would be a good way to draw people in.


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Got it as well (subscriber here) - Now I just need to find time to sit down and read it, along with all the other stuff.


Perfect timing, as my group meets tonight. And it looks great too. Well done to all involved in this.

My players will be getting asked to read this and get to work on new characters.

Now I just need to wait for the first adventure. :D