I just want to talk about my homebrew

Nick Phoenix

I am just looking for people to talk about my ideas for a quick and easy rpg game system/mechanics.
First, here's the link to what I have so far:
Polyhedrals - The Homebrewery

I have spent some time exploring Youtube videos on gaming. I spent a lot of time with Shut Up and Sit Down, who mainly do board games and card games.
I came to the realization that I have a specific taste in games and specific capabilities in playing them.
I played D&D in high school, but not as an invested gamer. I am not into reading rule books or researching the best builds for characters. I played for the social engagement. So I attacked my fellow characters, was tied up and died rolling into a fire. I was given a Rod of Wonder, and I used it every chance I got.
I can play chess, I know the moves, but I don't study theory or remember openings. I play as if I am discovering it for the first time every time.
I like playing poker and hearts card games the most. Then I discovered Cockroach Poker.
And it I discovered that what I really enjoy is making a choice with consequences. It is either going to be a payoff or a failure.
My opponents and I are going to cheer or groan with every decision. Laughter and tears.
That's what I like.

Now, back to my gaming. I got back into RPGs when I wanted to give my children the same fun memories I had. First I made up my own system based on D&D, then as my friends and their family got involved, we started adding Pathfinder rules, and eventually went full Pathfinder. During all this time, I am the DM. And I discovered that I do not like having to ask "What does that do?" I don't like stopping play to look up rules. I wanted to go back to a simpler system.
I tried Dungeon World, and there is a lot I like about that, but still the rule still can get in the way.
Index Card RPG is probably the best game out there for what I want. But I had my own ideas also.

So my system, at it's core is roll a D20 and add as many or as little bonus dice to your roll.
The catch is, your bonus dice are collected as loot, and consumed as you use them.
Each class has it's own dice mechanics, usually up to three different things to remember.
So there you have it.
I just wanted to talk about it and see what people think.

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I'd say, if you're not totally married to your homebrew, you sound like an outstanding candidate for Tiny Dungeons.

The whole core mechanic is rolling 2 dice (regular), 3 dice (advantage), or 1 die (disadvantage). All dice are d6.

If any dice rolled are a 5 or 6, it's a success.

If at least two dice roll a 6, it's a critical success.

You get basic "feats" / heritage traits that give advantage to rolls in certain circumstances.

Weapons are rated as ranged or melee, heavy or light, and but those traits really only matter for setting up basic fictional positioning. By default you don't even roll for damage (damage values are static), though there is an optional rule for variable damage rolls.

Other than the feat/trait list, and very simple armor-as-damage-reduction rules, that's almost literally the entire game.

If you want to get SUUUUPER deep into the rules, there's a few minor additional rules for equipment usage and ammo depletion on top of that . . . but they're all optional.

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