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D&D General I need some monstruous, beastly orc images for making tokens

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So, I am preparing some orc tokens to use in Roll20.
However, I like my orcs very monstruous, and it turns out that's not easy to find (in fact, I should make a thread discussing orc aesthetics some time).

What I found is this:

.....but I wonder if someone here has some image similar to this one?
Maybe be more specific. I just did a google search (peter jackson orcs) and quickly found a bunch of images. I assume you have done the same and not found what you are looking for, so can you clarify what you are looking for?

I also found this: Orcs, Trolls, & Wraiths

Urriak Uruk

Gaming is fun, and fun is for everyone
Just google "Shadow of Mordor Orcs" that should get you what you need.


Bird Of Play

So, uh...... yep, writing "uruk hai" was enough to get something very close to what I was looking for! Dhu. It wasn't too difficult after all. I guess I should have stopped using the word "orc" to stop finding handsome green fellas.

However, I have a bigger challenge to offer: finding FEMALE uruk-hai-esque orcs is still quite difficult. I don't want my orc clan to be a sausage party. Anybody got anything?

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