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I now have a 42" touch table, oh boy


I just acquired a smart table 442i and hacked it, put windows 10 and the smart table drivers and it works like a touch screen. I have tried it with roll20, with the chrome extensions for touch screen, and it works great. my group and I are trying to figure out the best way to use this when we can get back together again.

I someone gets one of these and wants to know the process let me know and I can get all the links for everything I used and my process to get this working. I will say that I had to hunt down a new computer for this as the one it came with was an i3-3217u, very slow. I hunted down a new one and I am working on intergrating it now, it has an i5-5827u, 8gb ram and ssd.

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Looks like kids like it, or maybe that is my gaming group trying to use technology.
Post some real screen shots when you can, it looks like it would make games stand out.


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