I would like to take the time to thank wicht.....


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I would like to take the time to thank wicht very much for all he has done over the past couple of weeks and even in the rules committie.......

to me the paths look VERY well thought out and put together nicely..... almost everything seems to be in order....and I'm liking what I'm seeing......

I'd also like to thank anyone and everyone who gave ideas to wicht so that he could make this new game happen or happen soon..... again wicht .....thankyou.....;)

Would anyone else like to say thankyou??? I mean this is wy I started this thread..... :D
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HEAR HEAR!! I concur and though I may disagree with Wicht on some specific rules, the majority are VERY well done and amazingly balanced while still holding very truley to the original play and spirit of the game. Thanks for shouldering the burden Wicht, I can't wait to play in this new world now. And that is coming from someone who thought he would not venture very far out of YBA land again anytime soon.

Thanks and good job! *Raising my 20 oz. Pepsi in a toast/salute*


thank you guys :)

as I speak I am putting all the rules together in one thread and making the few minor adjustments that people called for...

and thanks to those who brainstormed the abilities which I just cobbled together.


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My thanks Wicht :) I really believe that YB would have faltered and slowly died without'cha. You took the lead and ran with it. Takes guts to do that.


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A little slow getting in this thread. A lot of things hapening right now. Thanks a lot for everything Wicht. The job you have done is outstanding. If I could I would give you a pat on the back. PAT,PAT,PAT. Thats the closes I can get.:D :D :D :D

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