Pathfinder 1E Iceborn's Story Hour


First Post

Hello everyone and welcome to my Story Hour! This is my first long-running campaign and I hope you will all enjoy it. Before I began playing, I read other threads(from where I stole my plot hook, I admit), lores of various games et cetera, and I took the best from everything in order to create the best world and campaign I can. I hope you will enjoy reading my party's adventures. Speaking of which, here is a short description of each party member:
1. Thorunn is a female human ranger whose favored enemies are orcs. She grew up in a large and poor family which didn't find any time for her, so she escaped from home and started living in the wild. She often tries to act all tough and show no emotions, but she has a good heart.
2. Rihud is a male drow fire elemental heritage sorcerer. He spent his life wandering the deserted lands, barely surviving. He doesn't really like...well, anyone, and is in constant search for knowledge and power.
3. Azazel Evander is a male
human red-haired barbarian. He grew up in a noble family, but he was never happy until the moment raiders attacked his house and took him prisoner when he was 15 years old. There he earned a great respect after a marvelous escape and the murder of their leader, for whom everyone thought was invincible. After feeling the adrenaline of the fight for the first time, he decided to join the raiders and forget his old life. It worked well for years, until one of their attacks failed....he was the only survivor.
4. Panor Kolios is a, shortly said, a pirate. Based on the iconic character captain Jack Sparrow, he lives for freedom and his ship. He is a male human wizard/fighter who reads lots of book because he went crazy out of loneliness. On one of his travels he accidentally found a book about arcane magic and started to dabble in it, even learning a few spells.

Before the campaign started, I asked my characters do they have any special character concept that they cannot achieve through normal rules, and they said yes. Thorunn said that she wanted some powers related to the wind, Rihud said that he wanted to become "Ascended", free from the bounds of flesh, a being of pure energy and power(but not elemental). Azazel told me he doesn't know what does he want, but that he always found lightning and storms fascinating. As for Panor Kolios, he is my NPC and I decided not to give him any special powers related to his character.
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First Post
The Company assembles

Zoil thinks of his plan one more time. He is playing a dangerous game, gathering these people together. But desperate times...

Rihud looks at the mountains in front of him. Red rock, they're called, he thinks to himself. And he can see why did they get that name. Shining in the hot desert sun, deep, deep red stone seemed beautiful. Like my fire. Hopefully I can find some answers there. With those thoughts, he presses on through the yellow wasteland.

Thorunn wipes the sweat of her brow and aims the bow. About a hundred feet further, a deer is calmly drinking water from the lake. A moment later, the arrow flies true, directly into the animal's head, killing it on spot. As humanely as possible. Every animal deserves that. A single tear falls onto the deer's body.

Azazel stands in the ruins of a burned house, the last soldier lying dead beneath his feet. As his rage wears off, he feels great sorrow for the deaths of his comrades. They had no honor, attacking from the shadows. He picks up his sword, a lonely figure with a hair as red as the flames which engulfed his group, and leaves the graveyard this place has become.

"Captain Panor Kolios. Savvy?" Panor lifts his left eyebrow.
"I don't see your ship, captain," replies the guard. "And even if I did, I wouldn't let you to the king's personal quarters!"
Panor just turns and leaves. He will get a ship again, and this time, he will not accidentally blow it up. He just has to wait for the right chance to get or win one. Or even better, steal it.

"Zoil will be with you shortly," says a female voice. "Please, make yourselves at home. Whatever you wish to eat or drink will appear on that table."
Four people, suddenly taken from whatever they were doing before, looked around them, bewildered, on alert. After a few minutes of examining is everything around them real and speculating how did they get there, they decided to introduce themselves to each other. A blonde woman with green eyes introduced herself as Thorunn; a drow with red eyes as Rihud; a ginger with red eyes as Azazel; and a human with dark brown hair and brown eyes as Panor Kolios.
Then, a tall old man enters the room. "My name is Zoil," he says. "I am truly sorry for bringing you here without any warning. It was wrong from my side, but I truly had no other choice."
"Why are we here?" Thorunn asks, carefully watching the man.
"For a job offer. You work as my agents. Before you refuse, at least hear me out."
The group nods.
"Good. I am a very old man. Busy as well, and I need a field unit, you can say, and it is going to be the most beneficial for you, and most useful to me. I will make sure you have everything you need for a very comfortable life. What do you say?"
Not knowing what else could they possibly answer, everyone agrees. Surely it wouldn't be wise to refuse an offer from someone clearly powerful enough to teleport people.....


First Post
The adventure begins

The party stands on a beach, in front of a big house. Zoil told them they will have a place to stay and that they each have a right on one wish as a reward for accepting his employment. Azazel asked for an air ballon; Panor asked for a ship; Rihud asked for a direwolf puppy, and Thorunn asked for an infinite source of food just for her. To their great surprise, each of them got exactly what they wanted, as well as this house. All in all, they decided it wasn't bad working for a powerful wizard after all. They even had a personal butler, a halfling with a symphatic green face called Bob.

After 3 days, the party worked out their sleeping order, explored the house in great detail, and were actually pleased altogether. Then, Bob puts a crystal ball on the table. "This will be your way of communicating with Zoil," he says. "Keep it somewhere you can easily access it. Zoil informed me already of your first mission: you need to go to a cave about half a mile from our house and obtain a scroll from there. Anything else you find you can keep for yourselves. But beware: no one has explored this forest yet, and it will likely be dangerous. So take care."
The party accepts and heads out the next day at dawn. After about 5 minutes of short walk they star noticing webs around them, and are suddenly attacked by 2 spiders as big as their torso! One of them manages to sting Azazel, who feels poison running through his veins, but thanks to his high constitution he manages to shrug it off. In an attack of rage he kills that spider in one hit. Then Rihud casts sleep on the other spider, disgusted, and Thorunn executes coup the grace on the creature.
Proceeding more carefully now, the party reaches the cave. Inside it is completely dark. After a light spell and a quick view, they see the cave is completely infested, at least half a dozen spiders waiting for them inside. They ready their weapons and spells....


First Post
The first victory

Rihud casts a well placed sleep, and half of the spiders fail their save. Then Azazel runs in, raging, slashing two spiders using clave with ease. Panor casts sleep as well, but most of the remaining spiders succeed their save. Two of them attack Azazel, who feels the posion running in his veins while he becomes weaker every turn.
One of them attack Thorunn, but she immediately retalitates in a flurry of blows with her two swords, striking the creature to the ground.
More spiders attack from the back, viciously biting Rihud and Panor, but luckily, both succeed their saves. Rihud casts burning hands, accidentally hitting the sleeping spiders and they wake up. Azazel keeps striking, still in rage, but the third spider does not fall. Panor casts burning hands at the same area where Rihud did, and a crispy smell can be felt in the air as 2 spiders fall down. The spiders keep attacking, but both them and Thorunn miss every attack, and Rihud casts another sleep, effectively disable the remaining three spiders. Thorunn executes coup the grace on every one of them.
"I succeeded," Azazel exclaims. The rest of the party just look at him with grins on their faces.
They explore the rest of the cave filled with cobwebs and the bones of the other unfortunate travelers. Beneath a LOT of cobweb they find a wooden chest, rotten after apparently many years. Inside is some loot and a scroll that identifies as charm person. Hmm.
About an hour later the company is relaxing at the house, pleased with a job well done. Zoil congratulates them, the scroll dissappears and then Zoil leaves as well, telling the party he will likely have another quest for them in about 2-3 weeks. In this encounter, the entire party had gained enough xp to go up a level, so they train. During the training period, Azazel has a very interesting dream
You stand in a great dwarven city. The houses seem to be made out of pure bronze, and the above the city hovers a strange sun. And then you realize it cannot possibly be the sun, because the entire complex is underground. The streets burst with life, and not just dwarven: humans, elves, halflings...all of the humanoid races. Above each house door is a golden head of a dwarven warrior, its eyes glowing blue.
Your perspective changes: now you are standing inside one of the house, and you see two people fighting, a woman and her daughter, it seems. They are yelling at each other, and the older woman hits the younger one. The moment she does that, you notice another head above the fireplace. This one's eyes turn red, and your vision darkens. You can hear the bells ringing a dreadful melody and a voice echoes all around you: "The many shall suffer for the sins of the one...
You awaken.
As promised, two weeks later Zoil comes back. He says that the scroll has been extremely useful and, when asked what did he need it for, informs the party that there was a message hidden inside and that he managed to extract it through great care without ruining the scroll completely. The message contained two very important locations: the lost city of Atlantis and Penol's barrow. He does not know who Penol is, but the message said something about a bone scythe hidden in its depths, and Zoil is convinced that it is somehow relevant to his current work(about which he is very mysterious about).
The party decide to go to the barrow first and explore Atlantis later. They leave the first thing in the morning.

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