Free Icebreaker: a sci fi micro RPG

I released a tiny new game. Icebreaker was created as part of the Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam a contest where you create an “RPG related thing” that can fit on a business card.

Icebreaker is micro RPG where you play newcomers to science station on a frozen planet. It is designed, literally, as an ice breaking game that you can play to make new acquaintances while you are attending a gaming or SFF convention. The game PDF is formatted with margins and bleed so that you can have Moo or another printing service print the game on a standard business card, so you have the option of affordably printing a large number of copies, and creating a improv micro LARP at your event.

Of course, your can simply download the game, and play five minute game with friends, perhaps as you are waiting for a late player to arrive for you tabletop roleplaying game.

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