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From Aliens to Zombies, It's Icons - From A to Z!

Icons A to Z is a supplement for the fun and fast-playing Icons Superpowered Roleplaying, offering twenty-six chapters on a variety of subjects from Aliens and the Cosmic to X-Factors and Zombies, and everything in between. In its pages you will find:

Options! Optional, variant and add-on rules include adding cosmic levels to the game, knacks, narrative abilities, resources, interaction abilities, and more, allowing you to customize your own game to suit your style.
Inspiration! Create an alien species, a lost world, an unexpected event, or a supporting character with just a few die rolls by consulting the tables in this book for inspiration.
Genres! From cosmic outer-space adventure to the golden age comics of World War II, from legendary lost worlds to teen heroes balancing homework with fighting crime, you'll find advice on creating heroes and running games set in different genres.
Challenges! Heroes face challenges other than just villains, and you can challenge yours with disasters, daring rescues, epic battles, demons, monsters, and more.
Icons A to Z also provides numerous examples of how to use qualities, from defining characters to situations, environments, even your whole setting, along with ways to create and use them in play.

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