ZEITGEIST Ideas for a side quest into The Dreaming?

Hello folks, my group has just finished Book 2!

But I wanted to run a short 2-3 session side mission for the secondary squad (my players all recently made back-ups, and I wanted to flesh them out as a "B-Team" in the RHC).

I was thinking it'd be fun for them to experience the Dreaming, especially since I think a lot of them are still confused on what exactly it is. After about 22 sessions in this world, they have a pretty good handle on the basics of the setting (Risur/Danor/industrial-era technologies/etc.) but a lot of the planes stuff baffles them. Especially since that seems so key to the whole story, I thought it'd be nice for them to go to another plane and experience a small story there.

Would such a trip even be possible in this world? Are there instances of, say, diplomatic incursions into the Dreaming, perhaps to meet with the Unseen Court?

My party also ended up killing Asrabey Varal, so I was thinking that could be a reason for a squad being demanded to enter the Dreaming, maybe to help with some unique problem.

Any thoughts are appreciated, thank you.

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A trip to the Dreaming is an excellent idea. Risur and the Dreaming are very close, and the primary conflict in the Dreaming is between political factions seeking either peaceful diplomacy with Risur or violent opposition to Risuri technology (Hedgehog Court). Obvious paths to the dreaming are the Mirror festival where a portal to the Dreaming appears or Aodhen sending the PCs thought. I'd also think King Thisraldion could just arrange to bring the PCs in.

Have a good read through Book 9 with the PCs' trip to the Dreaming and its description of the city capital, that'll give you some good quest ideas. Yep, killing Asrabey will leave the Unseen Court annoyed that they've lost a valuable minion, so there's lots of things they could bring the PCs in to do.

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