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Ideas For A TTRPG Setting


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I have a vague idea that I’ve played with many times, developed, binned, rebuilt, etc.

Basically, it’s a fantasy world of Islands with few if any humans, dragons more like Pern than like D&D, and a combination of cultures inspired mostly by real world coastal and island cultures, with some exceptions.

More specific ideas I have right now, and would love feedback on.

  • Post-Reconquista Spain inspired Empire that is on the verge of decline but convinced that it will prevail
    • Founded by high elves, contests border with a Cordoba-esque neighbor on one side and the not-French on the other
  • Pre-Revolutionary France inspire Empire with a Persian model of autonomous states paying tribute to the Emperor, very much in decline but with a young generation eager to reform the Empire and ride to glory on its behalf
    • Founded by Eladrin and various Fey
  • British and Irish inspired kingdoms in a loose federation, on 3-4 large islands with dense woods and terrain familiar as the British Isles, and a few dozen small islands, all arranged in a great circle. Mostly forest-folk, halflings, some goliaths, various Fey
  • Great Turtle archipelago that is a central spot along many trade routes, with a native population mostly of orcs, Shadar-Kai, svirfneblin, Duergar, and a host of other folk from centuries of trade, conquest, and other far reaching interactions.
    • The not-Spain conquered large areas of the Turtle, led by the Sorceress Queen and her Warrior King, but have been pushed out over the last 20 years or so, leaving independent provinces open to trade and to influence
    • One such province was cursed for its fierce dedication to be unconquered
  • Cold Southern folk in 9 Kingdoms, overseen by 9 priestesses, inspired by Viking era Scandinavia
  • Orcs are one of the most dispersed and well travelled folk, possibly being dominant in the Pacific islander culture? Alongside goliaths, gnomes, halflings, elves, probably dwarves
  • Common start would be “you are all from an island. Pick origins and together we will build the island chain you’re all from and make your folk common in that space”
  • Airships and other magitech exists but is new and rare, and expensive.
  • Dragon Temples are scattered around the known world, with no history of who built them or why. Secret knowledge: they’re sleeping sentient constructs built to defend the world from elemental darkness
  • Vibe is Breath of The Wild meets Studio Ghibli meets Chrono Cross

Tbh feel free to steal any of this, or comment on it, it’s just been rattling around in my head for years.

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