If my brother likes Catan...


My brother's birthday is coming up and he's found a new passion in board games. He loves Settlers of Catan.

Now, I've never played the game but I want to get him a board game he would enjoy but which isn't Catan.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a game you can play with three to six players which is similar in experience as the game he enjoys?


Lots of different options to choose from. However, it is hard to recommend the next game unless we know a little more about him. How old is he? Is this the only game he plays (you stated he has a new passion, but you only mentioned one game)?

What does he like best about Catan? The resource management? The route building? The modular board? The trading? The theme?

Catan requires an expansion to play 5-6, so is the player size important?


Off the top of my head, other games to consider are:

Ticket to Ride
Lords of Waterdeep
7 Wonders

But many other possibilities, depending on what he liked about Catan.


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
Ultimate Scheme (may not in stores for a while, I backed the kickstarter, LOVE the game)

I don't know if any of the following are similar experiences, but if he likes competitive resource-building board games:

Small World

Ticket to Ride

Both of those are easy to find in any game store or Amazon and have lots of supplements you can buy to add to the game.


Sorry it took so long to respond.

He definitely enjoys the competitive resource-building and trading aspect of it.

He's new to board games. He's 27 now. He has a group of friends with whom he plays which are usually five or six strong.


Ticket to Ride is definitely a good one. Based entirely on what my friend who is obsessed with Catan has enjoyed, I'd say give Codenames a go (you can have big groups on each team and it's fast to learn.)

Maybe Blood Rage too. I love Blood Rage.