If you're a small developer (or big!) & want to get the word out about your product...


Hey guys, so I have this promo running on twitter, but I'm sure it'd be worthwhile to post it here. Anyway, I'd like to do whatever I can to simply spread the word about our RPG/boardgame hobbies, I started a youtube channel a bit more than a year or so ago dedicated to Roleplaying Games of *both* tabletop and video game types. Anyway our channel www.youtube.com/crystariumnet has several different series of videos, all kind of connected through my logo, and.. well you can watch the channel trailer if you are interested in all the nitty gritty. Down to business, the entire point of the channel is basically to spread the word to the masses, expose people to stuff they may not have seen before, or just get more people to play. Anyway a series that I do run is a "news" series which is exactly what it sounds like, talking about the news of whatever rpg related stuff comes along that I think is worthy. Anyway, I've done some news video's over a few indie products, and it seemed to have driven at least a bit of traffic towards them. So I'm here to offer shout outs to your stuff assuming its a product that I think should be given some exposure, and im not asking anything in return. There's another option as well...

Along with the launch of the youtube channel we started a podcast that's not necessarily RPG focused but is a general "Nerd Entertainment" (for lack of a better word) podcast, known as the Crystal Keep Podcast. That actually has actually gained a bit of traction, so the podcast is all about gaming, movie & TV news, along with some Q&A and Recommendations. Once again we've done some shoutouts on here as well, and it seems to have driven at least a small bit of traffic towards the folks that wanted me to mention them. So if that's something you'd be interested in that's an option as well.

Let me also be clear that we are still a incredibly small youtube channel and podcast so I can't promise any kind of earth shattering traffic or sales or whatever, im just simply trying to help grow the hobby in whatever way I can, and obviously try and get a bit of growth as well.

If anyone is interested here are the few other products I've promoted.

=-Happies Apocalypse on Earth-= (news video format)

=-BarPig-= (Podcast shoutout format)

Anyway, thanks for your time guys. It'd probably be easier, if you're interested, to get ahold of me at crystariumnet@gmail.com or twitter [MENTION=68379]Cry[/MENTION]stariumnet