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D&D 5E IGN & D&D Lost Odssey: Promised Gold - Deborah Ann Woll DMing and featuring Jack Black.


I crit!
It's D20 day! IGN and WotC are hosting a live play with Deborah Ann Woll DMing with Jack Black and other great players.

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IGN and Dungeons & Dragons are teaming up to present Lost Odyssey: Promised Gold, a new holiday event from Dungeon Master Deborah Ann Woll that will feature Jack Black and other fantastic guests playing a hilariously exciting campaign together for a good cause.
IGN and Dungeons & Dragons are presenting the stream exclusively on IGN’s TikTok. This watch guide will provide you with everything you need to know to watch the show, including when it starts, and what you can expect to see at the show.

It's on IGN's tik toc IGN (@ign) Official TikTok | Watch IGN's Newest TikTok Videos


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Dire Bare

I have trouble watching actual play streams . . . . but Jack Black's "I am Barolo, Warlock Bard" sounds fun! Plus, SNL's Melissa Villasenor is a hilarious comic and actor.

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