Free In Dreams - A slightly surreal storytelling game for one


In Dreams is a journaling game that provides vivid imagery and evocative prompts to immerse you in a dreamworld you wouldn’t have otherwise imagined.

Our card-based prompts chain together in interesting ways for a new, inspiring encounter every time. Learn to play and set up in under 5 minutes. For daily journaling or inspiration for your own writing or DM projects, In Dreams will get the ideas flowing.

You can play digitally for free, right now.
Our final 54-card deck is crowdfunding soon; sign up to our newsletter to be notified.

Here's a 3-minute video to show you how it works:

Thanks for checking it out! Any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear 'em!

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I should also say that I only just heard about this site from a friend (as may be obvious from the fact that this is my first post). This is our first journaling/rpg game, so we haven't been in this scene for very long... just trying to get to know people and share our little game with those who will love it. 🧡

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