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In honor of a belated free RPG Day, I bestow thee with 3 free PDFs on drivethrurpg.com


CEO Code of Light Games
Hi, hello, and greetings!

The Light Strikers RPG is a world in a new, rich scifi & high fantasy campaign setting with its own Clash rules system.
It's especially perfect for you if you enjoy these three things:
1) Retro 80's/90's scifi-fantasy cartoons:
(Visionaries, King Arthur & the Knights of Justice, Transformers, Jayce, MASK, Bionic 6, He-Man, Silverhawks, Defenders of the Earth, Centurions, BraveStarr).
2) Marvel Super Hero Comics.
3) Anime: (One Piece, Naruto, DBZ, Jojo's, Boku no Hero, One Punch Man, Guyver, Fist of the North Star).

Here are the 3 books you can get now, for free, to start playing as soon as you want:

Battlebook 1 is a solo introductory adventure.

The Hero upgrade kit 1 is for playing in the full TRPG group game. You can either use your character from Battlebook 1, or create a brand new character.

The Sage Commander kit 1 is for the GM, and is an action-packed lite-mystery adventure scenario.

I hope you enjoy!

Love & Respect,
Code of Light Games

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