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[Indie Games] San Jenaro CoOp


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So, I recently became part of a publishing group (of sorts) called the San Jenaro Co-op; we work through creator ownership and a profit-sharing model; everyone from the developers, to the writers, to the artists, to the editors work off a percentage of profits, rather than relying on flat rates. When we do kickstarters, we also always try to be sure everyone gets a fair wage as part of the funding, in addition to the shared profit from further sales. The idea is to change, if even a little bit, how people see RPG publishing being done. If you have any questions about the Co-op, feel free to give me a message.

As for the projects themselves, there's two of major note right now:


First is the Short Games Digest (Volume 1 - Summer 2019), a collection of a dozen different "mini RPGs," which can range from something that can carry a campaign to smaller ones meant to be played in a single session. Great for people that want to extend out of their comfort zone a bit, or that want some lightweight, quick games to fill in when you're missing parts of your normal gaming group but don't want to cancel. All are between 4 and 24 pages long, so it's easy to pick any given one up and learn it in a hurry.

This was released on 6/4/2019, and can be found here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/278871/The-Short-Games-Digest-Volume-1?affiliate_id=259490

Second is The Roleplayer's Guide to Heists, which is a collection of 25 different system-agnostic heists that can be added to just about any game, with fully illustrated maps for each one, and several essays with advice for utilizing heists and everything related to them in your games.

We'll be starting up a Kickstarter on June 15th, 2019!
If you want to get a sneak peek before then, though, we have a preview document available! It contains 3 heists and an essay, and should give you a general idea on how the heists in the final product will be organized.

Finally, we have a mailing list you can sign up for here, for announcements regarding these and other potential upcoming projects!

Dave Goff

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I've got my copy of the Short Games Digest and I've gotten my money's worth just reading it. I love the game Clerics. The snarky tone is hilarious and the game looks genuinely fun to play.

Looking forward to taking it to the local one-offs game group in the area.