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Many of the animals, beasts and magical beasts that exist in wildspace also live in farspace. Buzzjewels, comet steeds, firebirds, giant space hamsters, kindori, krajen, lhee, puffers, q’nidar, scavvers, skullbirds, space owls, space swine, spaceworms, zards and zurchins are just as home in the Plane of the Unseen Infinity as they are in wildspace. The main difference between the creatures encountered in farspace versus those encountered in wildspace is size. Farspace creatures are always at least one size category larger in size and many can be even larger still (i.e. adult krajen in farspace can be up to colossal in size).

Beyond those creatures listed, very few spelljammer creatures have the fortitude to exist in the extreme depths of farspace. One of these versatile creatures is the stellar dragon. As one of the largest ‘space’ dragons, stellar dragons can go for years without contact with a sphere and have the ability to shift from farspace to the phlogiston at will. The other dragons of wildspace also exist in farspace but are rarer to encounter there. Radiant dragons are the most likely to be encountered, while moon dragons are very unlikely to be encountered in the extreme depths of farspace. Sun dragons are never found in farspace.

Of course, any wildspace creature may exist within the boundary of a farspace sphere.

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Farspace has its own unique beholder nations. These beholders act similarly to the beholders of the shell reality. Or in other words, each beholder nation believes they are the true beholders of the universe and that all other beholder nations are abominations that must be destroyed. The beholders of farspace are never shell reality aware. (In fact, it can be said that each beholder nation is stuck in its own mad, little reality.)

The Arcane [Mercane]
If there is a race that can be said to define Spelljammer, most fans would pick the arcane. These enigmatic traders of spelljamming technology exist in both the shell reality and the farspace reality. To them, there isn’t any difference, however. The arcane are aware of both realities and can pass between them without difficulty. In fact, this is how the arcane can seem to simply come and go through the shell reality at will. The arcane wish to keep the secret of the farspace reality from the shellers, in order to better line their pockets and prevent sheller competition in the farspace reality.

The Raia
Raia are unique, in that no one knows where the race comes from. Raia are purple-skinned humanoids with dorsal ridges running down the back, as well as webbed fingers and toes. Their enlarged eyes are pitch black with white pupils, which can be disturbing to see for the first time. They do not have a home world and travel through farspace, as interstellar nomads, in their spelljamming durawood sailing ships.

Raia are masterful artisans and craftsmen but don’t have the arcane’s need for hard currency. They are just as happy trading a fine roll of silk for a song and hearty meal. They are friendly enough to those that treat them well but are also highly organized militarily and religiously. Raia also make excellent sorcerers but have a strange custom of cutting out an apprentice sorcerer’s tongue, making him or her mute. Therefore, raia sorcerers can only cast spells without verbal components or by using the Silent Spell feat.

Raia are also aware of both the farspace and shell realities, just as the arcane. However, they don’t often enter the shell reality, which is part of an agreement they have made with the arcane. What the raia gain from this agreement is unknown. It is rumored throughout the spheres, of the farspace reality, that the raia might be aware of other realities as well. And some travelers even claim, they know for a fact, that raia are aware of every reality in existence. (Such tales are usually told over too much wine or mead.) Those shell reality sages that are aware of farspace reality believe that the raia are related to the reigar, although there isn’t any proof of this.

Other Spelljammer Races
Most classic Spelljammer race can be found living in the spheres of farspace — humans, dwarves, elves, goblinoids, half-elves, half-orcs, halflings, hadozee, hurwaeti, neogi, orcs, rastipedes, etc. Rarely, will you find such races living with the extreme depths of farspace, however. Note that races unique to a particular shell reality sphere are not found in farspace (i.e. kender, tinker gnomes). Also note that the reigar are not native to farspace.

For a more detailed look at the races available for a Farspace campaign, click on this link: Races of Farspace.

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