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Patreon Inkwell Ideas' (City/Dungeon/Hexographer) Patreon Campaign Begins! We're Making Coat of Arms Symbols, Map Icons


A lot of changes and improvements are coming to Inkwell Ideas! More details will be coming soon. Today we're announcing our Patreon campaign.

This will help us to continue to make improvements to our software programs (Hexographer, Dungeonographer, Cityographer and the Coat of Arms Design Studio) and make more icons & art available for the tools. You'll get new icons & art every month as well as other perks in exchange for your support.

We plan to offer 60+ icons in a collection, and we're targeting one collection per month. (We'll do at least one collection per month. We may create two collections in some months.) Each collection's icons/art will be about evenly split with icons for use with Hexographer, Cityographer, Dungeonographer and symbols for the Coat of Arms Design Studio. You pledge per collection that we publish each month. If you only use one of our programs, pledge just $1.50. You're free to pledge more and get extra perks. If you use multiple Inkwell Ideas programs we ask that you pledge more, but pledges are on the honor system.

How does Patreon work?
Patreon is a way to directly support creative projects on an ongoing basis. Creators make things on an ongoing basis, and your pledge is taken each month based on how many creations the project made that month. You are also free to cap your monthly pledge so a project doesn't suddenly make 100 items. (Our monthly icon/art collections will count as one item. If we do make two collections in a given month, you would be charged twice, but this will not be common and you will be getting two sets of 60+ icons.)

If you've got ideas for additional things you'd like to see, please let us know!


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