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Inkwell Ideas (Worldographer, Sidequest Decks, DungeonMorph Dice, etc.) Founder's Day Sale


20% off Everything or Buy 2 Dice/Card Sets Get 1 Free Sale

It's the 5th anniversary of Inkwell Ideas becoming a full-time venture!

To celebrate, we're running a 20% off everything sale or a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on our physical products. (Pick the sale code listed in the store's banner that saves you the most!) Sale runs through September 20th.

We make:
  • The world/kingdom, battlemat, and settlement mapping software Worldographer as well as extra map icon packs.
  • Sidequest Decks: Every card is a mini-adventure with one side as the main map, the other side an adventure outline. We've made 11 decks for different genres/settings.
  • DungeonMorphs: Connectable mini-dungeons on dice as well as cards and a font.
  • Creatures Decks: We've done SRD 5e creatures, licensed versions from the Kobold Press 5e monster books, and our own creatures. We've also done some as system neutral knowledge check decks, some for Fate and some for Dungeon World.
  • NPC Decks: System neutral NPCs with a portrait on one side and a background and personality on the back.
Find them all in our on-line store.

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