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Hey all! "Inn To The Deep" is live on Kickstarter!
Inn To The Deep is a collection of four awesome ready-to-run dungeon adventures for Old School Essentials and other OSR games, spread over five 5.5"x8.5" booklets of 24-48 pages each!


• Ready-to-run The adventures are written and designed for minimal prep required by the referee, with bullet point location descriptions and a clear, user-friendly layout.

• Annotated Maps The AMAZING maps are annotated with notes on saving throws, NPCs, monsters, and traps! Even the direction doors swing open is on there!

• The Bog Inn The dungeons are all linked by The Bog Inn, a ramshackle establishment that caters to adventurers and hirelings. PCs can return to the inn after their adventures to savor their victories, replace dead hirelings, and find new adventures. Each time the PCs visit the Bog Inn, the referee rolls on a table to see what changes have taken place since their last visit, and to see what is happening at the very moment they enter!

• Referee-friendly layout Room descriptions are given on the same page spread as relevant map locations, dispensing with the need for the referee to flip back and forth between pages.

• Replayability Most dungeon rooms have at least one random element, including number of monsters present, what things an NPC knows and what activities they are currently engaged in, and when certain events will occur. Each time the referee runs a given dungeon, it will play out differently from the previous time!


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Here is a rundown of the contents of each of the five booklets.

I. The Bog Inn describes the inn's employees, notable regular customers, random happenings, hirelings, and help wanted postings. Detailed maps of the inn are also provided.

II. The Temple of the Dead Ram is a dungeon adventure involving the disappearance of a young nobleman and the cult behind it. There are devious traps, evil priests, dwarf sacrifices, ramfolk, zombies, golems, spiders, and something horrible living in the well!

III. The Stink That Bit Hardcider is actually two short dungeon adventures. In the first adventure, the PCs try to find the cause of a horrible stench afflicting the village of Hardcider. In the second adventure, the PCs are lead to another dungeon by the perpetrator of the stink! The town of Hardcider is fully fleshed out, with notable NPCs, campaign seeds, and maps detailed.

IV. Hubbard's Experimental Deathtrap gives the PCs the chance to win renown and fortune by attempting to complete the newly christened Deathtrap Dungeon! A wealthy eccentric known as Hubbard has just finished creating his killer dungeon and has challenged the brave and foolhardy to test it for him! So far, no one has survived to give it a review. Can the PCs make it out alive with the dungeon's hoard and give Hubbard suggestions on improving it for the next group of adventurers?

V. Folk, Fiends, and Fortune provides statistics for all NPCs and monsters (new and established) presented in the series, as well as unique magic items created just for Inn To The Deep! All NPC and monster stats for each adventure are contained on the same 2-page spread.


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