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2000AD Inspiration: Judge Dredd "Toxic" IDW Comic

Brian I

First Post
Howdy Folks,

I was just checking out the local comic book store, and a new Judge Dredd run was just starting - "Toxic", via IDW. It sets up an interesting set of plotlines, involving the Spillover and Scrubbers, and some other groups (I don't want to give it away).

Definitely gave me ideas for GMing. :)

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
One of the beauties of 2000AD is that there are so many stories and adventures to use! 40 years of stories, across such a multitude of genres and tones that you'd never run out! And that's even before you start making your own stuff!


I've managed to find pdf copies of the old Games Workshop Judge Dredd RPG. I've just started translating the Judgement Day scenario into WOIN and updating it, since I'm setting my games in 2140.

Any suggestions on how to run Wally Squad? I'm really wanting to get Dirty Frank in there somehow...

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