D&D (2024) Inspiration on a 20 Test: Still the forgotten mechanic


Change advantage/disadvantage to +/-1d6 instead of a reroll, that way you can just physically grab a d6 and put it next to your d20.
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Then what else would humans gain to make up for their Inspiration every morning no longer being special? Maybe every other race has to spend before rolling but humans can spend whenever they want?
Honestly, I think that if WotC really wants players to use and appreciate Inspiration, they should just allow it to provide a re-roll instead of requiring players to declare before they use it.

Humans can then add +1d6 to the higher roll whenever they use Inspiration (this is a nod to 4E, if it makes a difference to anyone).

Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
If crits had never been a thing, and WotC announced out of the blue that on a nat 20 attack you roll double damage, we would all forget about it the first few sessions.

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