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mythago said:
What can I say? Those guys just wouldn't shut up when I wanted them to.
Always a good sign--characters with life in 'em have soemthign to say.
The 'mystery' picture was really the heart of the story. I liked being able to put things in the photo (the gold-stamped title) that you couldn't see in the illustration, and taking items out of it to be used later.
Yes, I thought it might be--it struck me as sort of a cover illo--not the sort of thing that necessarily would wind up literally in the story, but where all the parts would be important to the story, and come together in some meaningful way.

I especially liked the way you found things in it that were not immediately obvious or visible. Each of those objacts really does have a meaningful backstory, and there are ways that they are linked to each other, each telling something about a part of my life--although any story trying to tell all of those connections would be as long as something by Alex Haley. If I were to try to write it, there would be a lot of bits that were not visible until you knew what the backstories were. Really knowing the pieces does show you things aout them not everyone can see. It felt good that you took the time to build histories for them, and know who they were. Er, what they were, that is.

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Sialia said:
Picky, tiny detail for Macbeth--the sacrifice probably should have been done with a super sharp knife across the throat, rather than a disembowelling. But blood sprinkled everywhere is right on. Good picture usage--I liked the way you saw the altar and the blood in the inkblot.
Ha! Yeah, I guess I just don't have much experience with sacrafices. Thanks for the feedback.

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