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ZEITGEIST Intellectual Intermingling


My campaign is now approaching Adventure Seven, and I am hyped to run it. I've been inspired by @Deathwyrm's idea to record others reading various Ob speeches at the convocation. However, I'll be turning it up a notch. I'd like to record conversations between Ob officers. This may be outside of the gallery, whilst dining, idle chatter, etc. The book offers some examples, but I'd like to expand on them. Ideally, this would be like a video game where you walk around a popular area and hear snippets of information, snapshots into people's lives, and other immersive things.

I am shifting my game to FoundryVTT, and I'm confident I have the technology to make this work. I have the volunteers too. All I need are ideas. So, what are some conversations that may arise spontaneously between the listed Ob officers at the convocation?

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First, did you find the thread where EN World folks helped create some of the ideas for the convocation? There should be a link listed in the book.

Second, I'd include a mix of 'getting to know you' dinner party chatter, 'virtue signaling' where people try to show that they're good people and not here just for the power honest swear to Triegenes, 'rumor mongering' where people wonder how many current events were manipulated by the Ob, 'real debates' where folks make a good faith effort to brainstorm fixes for the world's woes, and a few 'saying the quiet part out loud' where someone is coldly honest about supporting something evil for the sake of their own goals.

Third, get some chamber music, or piano, and some mixed laughter tracks, with dinner party sound effects like clinking glasses and scooting chairs.

Fourth, look at book ten for the fey titan poems, and maybe have them play very intermittently, almost like someone is praying.


  • Speculating as to the true identity and history of their grandmaster.
  • Discussing how they were assigned a cell of Vekeshi asssasins to help with their local problems.
  • Talking shop about the extraordinary research they are completing into technology, history and magic.
  • You should be able to mix and match officers from the roster and build conversations based on their backgrounds.
  • Worrying about how the constables/Risur are making strides against the Ob.
  • Asking questions about the Ob since the officers likely never knew its full extent.
  • Making coy references to the planes and proposals, since by now at least some officers must be briefed.
  • Discussions with the ghosts about past historical events, spectral-noises added to the ghost speakers.
  • Discussing the nations on the other half of the world, and how they are being affected/might be stopped from interfering.
  • Discussing how Risur and Danor seem set on the road to war, and how that could drastically change Lanjyr.
  • Comparing the strangest sights/artifacts/ruins they have seen in their respective Ob capacities.
Let me know if you need advice on fleshing any of these out.

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