D&D 5E Interesting Feat Dilemma for Aberrant Mind Sorcerer


I posted a bit ago about going Aberrant Mind or Chronurgy Wizard for a modified CoS campaign that the DM will take to level 20 with the heavy addition of Homebrew content. I opted for Aberrant Mind Sorcerer (thanks for the help deciding everyone!) As part of this change, he is allowing everyone to get a free feat at level 1 (however, I am joining the existing party at level 6). Standard 27 point buy array.

This gives me an interesting dilemma for feats. He is allowing Custom Lineage, which would enable an ungodly TWO FEATS at level 1! That just seems too good to pass up and could create some crazy combinations!

So, with a distribution of STR 8 / DEX 14 / CON 15 / INT 8 / WIS 10 / CHA 15, if I took two 1/2 ASI feats in CHA, and a level 4 ASI in +1 CHA, +1 CON, I could reasonably start the campaign at level 6 with a distribution of STR 8 / DEX 14 / CON 16 / INT 8 / WIS 10 / CHA 20. But which two feats?

I am thinking of going with BOTH Fey Touched AND Shadow Touched. My rationale is the sheer spell efficiency of such a double up.

First, I can grab two spells that I would most likely need anyways, thereby freeing up those slots to take additional known spells. Fey Touched is a no brainer here. Getting Misty Step and opening up the a known slot selection for me to grab something else (like Haste). Additionally grabbing Silvery Barbs, Hex, or Gift of Alacrity is great too.

Shadow Touched essentially does the same thing, but this time with Invisibility (thus opening up a slot for me to add something like Tasha's Mind Whip).

Second, the benefit isn't just in the additional two known spell slots recovered, but in the added Sorcery Point potential of taking these over something else (like Telekinetic).

I essentially get a FREE casting of Misty Step, Invisibility, Silvery Barb, and Silent Image each LR. That's TWO 1st level and TWO Second level spell slots per LR I don't need to even use, or potentially up to 6 Sorcery points. Now I understand that I will rarely cast all of these in any given day, or I may cast none of these between LRs. But every time I do, I am essentially recovering valuable Sorcery points to put toward something else cool.

Am I thinking about this the right way, or am I better off applying something like Telekinetic instead for a non-spell related benefit, and forgo the added spell (Tasha's Mind Whip)/potential Sorcery Point benefit?

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Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
Telekinetic is a great thematic fit, and can be super useful. Still let’s you get the +1 Cha.


Telekinetic is a great thematic fit, and can be super useful. Still let’s you get the +1 Cha.
I play aberrant mind sorcerer. Telekinetic is great feat for them.
Fey touched/shadow touched is a toss, as I'm having both Misty step and Invisibility either way.

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