Interesting Ryan Dancey comment on "lite" RPGs

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My opinion is that most people think "rules lite" games are simpler and better because they desperately want them to be, not because they are.

I don't think they are easier or faster. I think they are often more flexible, though, and tend to focus more on the roleplaying than the mechanics.

While somewhat interesting as an observation, I really have to wonder what that has to do with most groups out there who normally play rules lite games.

Rather than giving rules lite games to various random focus groups of gamers, they would need to study folks who regularly play rules lite games to make such a sweeping pronouncement of their utility.

This. I play both light and heavy games. When we play lite systems, it's faster. Period. Part of that is we are used to running lite games and lean on making rapid rulings over looking stuff up. I like heavy games too but there is no doubt in my mind, if you play a truly lite game and embrace the play style, it is faster. Like everything there is a cost though. With heavier games you are going to get more consistency for example.


Are we commenting on this thread, or mocking it? I'm good either way...

<polishes the visible bones in its corpse>

I mean, honestly, I myself never wanted a rules-lite game. We want a rules consistent game. Mutants and Masterminds seems to have been filling that role nicely for a bit now.

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