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Sale Into Quabus (FG VTT)


Belle Muerte
Into Quabus

3rd-7th Level 5e Adventure Path

Horrible happenings transpire below Old Blire Manor. Will the party free the Prison Pits, reveal the secrets within Violent Delights, and finally assault the Research Level?

This adventure path takes characters from 3rd level to 7th level and is a continuation of the adventure Danger at Blire Manor. Each adventure is balanced for a party of five characters.

Part 1 (3rd Level). Danger at Blire Manor. A gang of mercenaries draws attention to itself when it starts operating out of old Blire Manor.

Part 2 (3rd Level). Prisoners of Quabus . In the old dragon dungeon Quabus, villains kidnap locals and travelers for nefarious purposes.

Part 3 (4th Level). Secrets of Quabus. Deeper into the old dragon dungeon Quabus, a great evil stirs.

Part 4 (5th Level). Assault on Quabus. A war is brewing in the dragon dungeon Quabus.

Written and Published by: DMDave

Reg. $24.99 On Sale $19.99 thru July 18th

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