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Kickstarter Introducing Iz'Areth Campaign Setting on Kickstarter

Embark on a journey into a world shrouded in mystery and reborn in light with "Iz'Areth," the latest Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign setting from Fireball in a Teacup Press. In this eagerly anticipated release now live on Kickstarter, players and Game Masters alike will discover a realm brimming with ancient secrets, innovative technologies, and divine intrigue.

Set in the aftermath of a centuries-long darkness, Iz'Areth emerges into the brilliance of the sun. With the return of light comes the resurgence of civilization, driven by the discovery of Luminous Shards—gems of radiant energy that power a myriad of wondrous inventions. From sky-piercing airships to self-driving carts, the possibilities are as boundless as the imagination.

But amidst the marvels of newfound technology lie the echoes of a forgotten era. Unexplored ruins and ancient artifacts hint at a past shrouded in myth and legend. As adventurers delve deeper into the secrets of Iz'Areth, they will encounter the remnants of old gods and the ascendant new deities who watch over the realm from afar.

"Iz'Areth" invites players to explore a rich and immersive world teeming with possibilities. With detailed lore, captivating locales, and a wealth of adventure hooks, this campaign setting offers endless opportunities for epic storytelling and thrilling gameplay.

We're thrilled to unveil Iz'Areth to Pathfinder enthusiasts around the world. With its blend of ancient mysteries, cutting-edge technology, and divine intrigue, Iz'Areth promises to captivate players and GMs alike, offering an unforgettable gaming experience unlike any other.

Iz'Areth is now live on Kickstarter. Join the adventure and discover the wonders of this extraordinary realm today!

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