(IR) IR Interlude, Turn 4 - 5 (thread 1)

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Mr. Draco

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Whoa! That was quite a bang. At least it connects the Eastern Territories of the DU with land, although I'm pretty sure that's the least of our worries...


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Well, I did say, early in Turn 4, that things were going to happen in Turn 4.

I also said that the word Happen was going to become a dirty word during Turn 4.
I also said people would shudder when the word Happen was mentioned, after Turn 4 was over.

I think I lived up to my promise.



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Time to Wheel and Deal like it is 1969

An emmisarry from Iuz arrives in the court of the Kevellond League, a tall pale skinned male dressed in dark crimson robes adorned with strange crimson and golden jewlery. His hair is ebon and long and his eyes red, like swirling fire, the blood of demon's run through his veins...

"I have come to speak of truces... and a possible future for our two nations... we may have much to speak of... much to ponder in these trying times... perhaps we can attempt a more solid alliance; we may be able to further our nations..."

OOC: Mr. Draco who were you aiding in the raids against the City of the Gods...
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William Ronald

Archcleric Hazen stands in the presence of his guest and rings a bell. Pages bring refreshment for the weary traveller. The choicest refreshments are ready for the representative of the Empire of Iuz.

"Greetings, Ambassador of Iuz the Mighty, Iuz the Bold."

"On behalf of the Kevellond League and the Oerth Alliance, I welcome you to this temporary court. Please partake of the liquor of your choice and rest."

"There is much we must talk of, regarding our truce and mutual cooperation. Indeed, there are some threats which we must address. Threats to your great lord and to Oerth itself, for which he imperiled his very being."

"As you know, we treated your wounded warriors as valiant allies. We helped as many as we could return to the service of their Emperor. Their valor will always be remembered and honored by us."

"I welcome you to the council chambers, ambassador."

Tokiwog: Please e-mail me at williamwronald@aol.com with proposals.

Edena: Happen is an understatement.
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Just in case you missed it the first time...

The Archive has been Updated.

It now includes the entire 1st and 2nd IRs.

Also, I am taking submissions for the following sections:

~Character/Player Profiles: Information about yourself, your Faction, and/or your Character.

~IR Fiction: There are lots of Stories still untold in the IR. If you have one, send it to me and I'll place it on the site.

~Campaign Setting: Game information about the IR. Rules, Prestige Classes, Spells, Characters, etc...

The Archive can be found here: http://bugbearslair.homestead.com/



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Silver Phase looks about him, it is hard for him to get a good visual image as he is wearing a thick, heavy cloak to protect himself from the sun. Nonetheless, the sounds of what is happening are hard to miss. Chaos was everywhere within sight and earshot, as the sounds of Oerth rending itself apart boom everywhere. Khelarque stands beside him startled at what is happening and trying to take it all in.

For the first time in a couple of centuries Silver, normally a calm and collected being, growls in frustration. He grabs the sides of his head through his long sleeves and yells coarse language into the ground.

"Call everyone back," he says to Khelarque, barely able to control his anger, "We need to move our forces and those who need our assistance to safer ground. All we can do is watch as Oerth dies. What news of our forces at home? I need to know, but I can guess the red goo is causing trouble in the underdark. Once everyone is here we could get something done about saving ourselves and getting my people.............."

He trails off into another yell of frustration. He clenches his fists so hard Khelarque hears bones in Silver's hands break. He stops for a moment and puts his hands in the light to see what he did to himself. For a split second they see holes in his hands where he forced his fingers into them and dark blood, deficient of white blood cells, oozes from out over splinters of bone to well in his open palms. Silver screams and pulls his hands back in as the sunlight takes its toll. Khelarque gulps as he turns away from Silver and goes about calling in the other NPC's.

"Why am I doing this? I don't belong here, my help hasn't made an ounce differance in the Flaeness and that help which I have done has been totally undone by the death throws of Oerth. I should be with my people aiding THEM in this time of crisis, how can good aligned beings cope with this?" Silver says to himself. He then sits on the scorched ground and tries to make sense of what has been happening.

Durgrim Dragonaxe, his party and Obmi appear when Lenaurae teleports them to Silver's location.

James looks over at Silver who is sitting on the ground and has his back turned to them.

Kcyldyei also notices, "Are you alright Silver?" he calls out in his eloquent elven voice. He receives no reply.

Khelarque turns to them, "Silver isn't in the mood to talk so here's what he needs done.........."

OOC:- What's my situation plz?
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William Ronald

Hi, Festy Dog.

I think you are in relatively good shape, as most of your forces were in the Underdark. Your troops in the fight against the Shade performed well, I understand.

The Oerth Alliance is grateful for their aid and that of the Empire of Iuz and the Dark Union in the battle.

Actually the help you and Kalanyr provided was significant. Now we have to worry about stopping the Blood Waste. Let us say that Maudlin has a lot of map work. The Dark Union saw partsof its new territories move several miles from where they were and a mountain range explode. Not a good sign for any of us.

As for how the good aligned beings are coping, it is by hanging tough and doing the best that we can under the difficult circumstances. I have seen good people hang tough in really bad times.

Maybe a good place for your forces is in the upper parts of mountain ranges. It might take a while for the goo to infect those areas.
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Looks anoyed

I REALLY don't know how the hell everyone got to miss and ignore this post.....

Here a question from the silent player this IR.
Since there was no room for me on Kal's mountain. I'd really really REALLY like to know where the hell I've been last month...?

If it's still in the Underdark I'm interested in how dead I am..... (red goo **HINT**). Since I found it out really really late I didn't fit on I'm at a loss where the hell I am and when I read about the underdark being one pool of red goo I thought like.. hmm...... nice..........................................

So where the hell am I? Still underdark (I presume)? And so yes how badly am I screwed for being up to my neck in red goo for a month and not knowing I was and the big question is what the hell is going to happen to me as a result of that and did it interfere with what I was doing down there then....?
Hmm this doesn't seem to fit into my plan but heck.. it's a GIR.... It's all about how well can I improvise and the best way to improvise is with the most distance you have from the problem and the most time you've got. I totally wasted turn 3 since I just sat there with 120 PL and I really hate that I just wasted a turn but heckk.. if I hadn't and we would have gotten attacked all 3 underdark players would have died without even a blink of an eye.

So let me know where I stand.....I've got an Idea about what I'm gonna do...... and I think there's just gonna be 1 person who is not going to be happy with that.

Edena, 1 little more question. Are there any nukes left in the CotG? If so I will accuire one with Vaeregoth, more if possible. If not well she'll just have a nice excursion. A look around and a ticket home will all she will have then.

Kalanyr I have to ask you a few things. They all are based around 2 things. 1 peace, 2 a debt you ow me. I won't ever go to war about the debt but just about the manner you have about 3 rounds of protection and the blood shed to allow you to ascend to the level of power you have now. Now the drow have gone up into the light and I think Festy will follow I have my things to take care of and I was hoping you would not let me down and help me take care of some things that in the end will bring peace. Peace in my way, and someones going to knotch over it because he's most definatelty gonna get his ass kicked if it's going the way I want it, and you bet I'm gonna do all I can to have it MY WAY. Some I do not trust, some I do not care for, some might not even know me. But one thing is that I do not fear anyone or anything for there is nothing to be feared if all you do is for the greater glory of the swarm. Live or die, for the Swarm.

I have been watching, observing. If you have your conference I will just be there briefly for there is not much I want to say. I have watched and learned and all I thought that would happen happend except for 1 thing and that surprises me. I thought edena was ruthless enough to do what he said was so. The city of the gods didn't want to destroy oerth but their PRIMARY OBJECTIVE WAS TO SURVIVE. And if hard pressed I expected NUKES and lot's of them to make their survival a fact. But that didn't happen, so that was the first thing I was wrong about, good for you all.

One thing we must NOT forget that is someone with 5 PL and his 10 PL+ worth of NPC's is sitting on a dark plane waiting to anoy someone with this 15 PL worth if he get's the chance. DO NOT FOR GET MELKOR, DO NOT FORGET RIALTHO, for they will be sceming untill every last shade and BB person will be exterminated. Never dismiss what mayhem they can cause from a very unexpected corner on a not so convenient moment.

The swarms will rest in greyspace and in the underdark (I presume) this turn. We will start forging weapons and armor from the red go so we can start using it at the start of turn 5 for our FULL ARMY. Only Kalanyr will know about this and only if he scries or just asks for it and the ones who he will tell offcourse.

The swarms will send someone to attend the convention.

The swarms will remain neutral as they have been the whole IR unless pressed otherwise.

The swarms await a meeting with lord Kalanyr about the topics stated above.

The swarms are glad forrester is leaving with his army and hopes the angels do the same, go meddle in your own problems and affairs so we can get our own problems solved and in order.

The swarms are actively searching where the hell that rat of a Anabstercorian went with his forces. The swarms want to know where the hell this slimy basterd went. He is supposed to be ultimate evil with the solistraim but he just has proven himself a weak character who is reluctant to show himself and battle in the open and show himself out. He is to reluctant to choose sides until there appears a winner from the fray and allies himself with him and you bet ya he will betray him the second someone grows more powerfull. Kalanyr will be appoached by that snake the second Forrester leaves with his tech and might. The swarms urge you to know your enemy and to never ever trust that mindflayers but he worships Ilsensine liek no other so know that his only and ultimate goal is to rule over all the planes and to have mindflayers rule supreme and the rest of the races be no more that just cattle and so he can feast upon the most delicious and specialy bred brains from this cattle. And know that this cattle is you, what ever he might say promise or do. This is his ultimate goal. Remember this always for now or in a couple of thousands of years this will be he goal. Never shall he desire another thing unless he is destroyed and destroyed again.

The swarms send a taskmaster and a unseelie representative to each and every faction and nation except the solistraim to get updates on their satus situation and what the hell actually happend up there this month.
I hope for personal answers from each individual player by post or mail.

The battles were great, great powers fell and arose above the trouble. Choises were made and people finally accepted there destiny and faced it. People here have earned my respect. Far not all but some have. Vaeregoth is content by the things that have evolved from the conflict. Now their big friend is gone I am very anxious to see how some will do now there are ful in the open, all cover and protection gone and they have to fend for themselves with noone or no thing to fall back on.

I'm curious to what the red goo will do when long and much exposed to it.



After you read the post above and answered my questions (please?:)) you might know that I'm on a nice sceme which alot of you will like. But to do that I need to have a chat with you since mailing really realy will give to much misunderstandings but this will have to wait a turn I guess.. some "things" are to occupying right now that need to be dealt with.

anyone remembering Acererak and his undead mass controll? That PC is NOT out yet watch that very closely.
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Mr. Draco

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That's actually not the only thing we need to keep worrying about...

If I'm not mistaken, there's a very powerful lich *ahem* Acererak *ahem* that's still on the loose and planning his apothesis (basically means he will become the master of all undead, everywhere). Now, doesn't that worry anyone else but me? Maybe Kalanyr would be so kind as to provide his location (through 10th level scrying) and we (i.e.- many factions on Oerth) can each send a representative (read "warrior/mage/cleric/somebody who can fight") and go take him out?


Yes I remember Ace (I also remember who has the most undead Mr Kas the Terrible). Mr Draco I never got your email about the land, it should be free soon though.

Edit- I'm still trying to work out what to do about Acererak and will get right onto it. I guess I owe you one.
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Mr. Draco

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Kalanyr, what email about the land? Didn't you give the DU control of the lands of Rauxes, the Hellfurnaces, the Crystalmists, and the yuan-ti's empire (including infrastructure), and you took the populations from those places (basically we gain them, except they have 0PL)? Or was it some other land issue?

I suspected that I will see my glorious Empire of Darkness in ruins after returning from vacation, I am not surprised, but I am still angry and Melkor is REALLY PISSED OFF IC!

Edena there is something you overlooked. Oerth is completely open to Shadow Plane through Shadow Throne and there are MUCH MORE evil beings out there than Shade that would love to pray upon Prime World. Melkor is sending a message across The Shadow Plane to inform its inhabitants about it.

Zauron, I love the fact that there seems to be another evil force from Toril that wants to do something.
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Edena, remmants of The Shade escaped to Melkor`s Divine Realm in Deep Shadow to rebuild their power. Melkor will gather souls of his fallen followers and try to resurrect as many as possible.


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Wow! Talk about world shattering events! We maintain our claims on all the affected areas, including the lava lake of Sunndi. We also claim the areas previously unclaimed in the region. Volcanic soil is extremeny fertile and in a few years it might have cooled down sufficiently to be farmed. Until then we'll set up a few geothermal energy plants to provide cheap and clean electricity.

Armies of Melkor The Great are still a force to be reckoned with, ready to once again strike upon those foolish enough to deny his will( maybe not now), Edena you remember about our 28 points from magical research? Shadow Magic is mighty, indeed.

I assume that most of our slaves were killed? And, of course, tortured bodies of Queen Yolande and Melf Brightblade are found when invading armies enter what remains of Shadow Throne. Their souls were given to Melkor, and he shall break Melf`s will, who will rise again as Shadowlord, to replace Sauros.

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