(IR) IR Interlude Turn 4 - 5 (thread 2)

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Into Veluna City itself he comes.
He walks right through the gates, thrusting aside the astonished gate-guards, ignoring all commands to halt.
A brief round of bullets is fired at him; the soldier firing finds his gun jams as the elderly man gestures annoyedly.

Through the ancient streets and past the old stone buildings he walks, this elderly man with his druid's staff.

He marches up to the doors of the Church of Rao, and demands entry.
Upon not being given immediate entry, he speaks a word, and the heavy doors yield to him, and open.
Thrusting aside the door-wardens, he marches in.

He looks around, this elderly man, and his face is filled with anger.
He does not see what he is looking for.
He roars in his ancient voice, still strong for one his age:

Where is Archcleric Hazen?!
I want to speak with him, now.
I am the Wanderer.
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Black Omega

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Re: (IR) IR Interlude Turn 4 - 5 (thread 2) The Wanderer Arrives

Edena_of_Neith said:
Where is Archcleric Hazen?!
I want to speak with him, now.
I am the Wanderer.
And here I was just wondering tonight what the next bad thing to happen would be...:)


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Iuz is compliant

Black Omega said:

And here I was just wondering tonight what the next bad thing to happen would be...:)

Just so you know Black Omega Iuz has agreed to your idea...

Black Omega

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Re: Iuz is compliant

Tokiwong said:

Just so you know Black Omega Iuz has agreed to your idea...
Ok, cool. I was just working on a reply to the other message. Now I'm all curious why the change of heart:) Iuz is perfectly free to send a few people to learn about tending to nature. It's no great secret.

Black Omega

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Siobhan nods softly to Kalanyr and smiles brightly "Thanks for showing up. If you could please..." she gestures around the area "No sense in letting anyone else hear..."

The little waits then nods "Thanks. I wish it was more pleasant, personal business. But..I'm worried. Very worried. We both know how powerful High Magic is...you've shown that vividly. But it's controllable. It's..hard to get and difficult to teach. But now these new bombs are coming out. Terrible destructive weapons of technology. It's not like magic. If I was given these bombs, even though I don't have a clue what they are or how they really work, I could destroy large areas. Technology doesn't require understanding and anyone can use it. And the more people who can do this the worse it is. It's no different with the blood steel. Everyone knows it has to be dangerous, but people will use it because they want ever bit of power they can get. It has to stop someplace."

Siobhan walks over to pour some wine, offering one of the glasses to Kal "simply put, I'm thinking of extending the no-tech zone to the whole of the Coalition. With my agreements with people I'm trying to create zones where tech is not allowed in other nations as well. I know it won't stop the march of technology. Just as with magic, once knowledge is unlocked it can never be truly put away. There is more to life than contructs of lifeless steel, though. I hope to keep showing people this. When technology conquered all in Toril we left. We could not abide how that world ended up. I don't want that to happen here. I have plans...and I need your help." she murmurrs softly. Then the silverhaired fae leans in close to whisper. [See email, Kal:)]


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The Wanderer whirls, and glares at Thayadon.

Chosen of Mystra, King Thayadon!

(his face twists with anger)

You are a traitor, and I apologize to all traitors for the comparison!

You sold out our world.
You sold out our people.
You sold out your own religion.
You sold your soul in slavery to an insane Goddess from another world.

So be it ... you will become insane like all the Chosen of Mystra are insane (it's true, in official canon ... they are all at least a little crazy!)

You are not fit to walk the halls of the Church of Rao!
Because of people like you, Rao's faith will be forgotten, and the Torilian religions will supplant us!

(he sneers)

You like the Torilians, don't you?
You want their little paradise, all for yourself?
You think their paradise should be the paradise for your people!

You know little of Toril, yet you make many presumptions.

The Torilians will make your people servants, to clean their halls and wipe their boots.
The Torilians will fling you sodden pieces of their paradise, scraps of it, in return for the souls of your people.
The Torilians will come.
They will rewrite your laws.
They will rewrite your morality.
They will tell you what you will and will not do.
They will take your natural resources.
They will justify it all with their crap and hypocrisy.

Your Isle of the Phoenix will become province number 551 of their United Commonwealth!
A body of imbeciles that calls itself the World Forum will govern your Isle from another world.

Do you honestly think you will have any say in what happens to you and your people?

And do you honestly think the Torilians will care what happens to your people?

(His face twists in anger)

You have sold us all out.
Compared to you, Vecna the mad dog was a saint!
A saint!
He at least stood up for this world against the Torilians.
While you grovel and beg at their feet.

(He spits.)

So, you have come to watch the discussion between me and Archcleric Hazen.
Stay then, and maybe some reason will filter into your brain, and perhaps you will regain your senses!

(Kaboom, Thayadon is free to physically attack the Wanderer if he wishes.
This Interlude prohibits large scale fighting, but not individual battles.
Beware, for the Wanderer is PL 10, and is wearing an artifact, the Ring of Gaxx.)

- - -

I am not answering e-mails at the moment.
Too busy with the Lists, and other things (my life.)
I'll get to the e-mails soon.
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Thayadons face remains calm, but his voice is steely.
"I simply serve the godess that I feel is right and I have never groved at anyone's feet. The Torilians have left Oerth and they are not trying to convince us that we should attack anyone, as you are!"
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