(IR) IR Interlude Turn 5 - Turn 6 (thread 3)


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IR Interlude Turn 5 - Turn 6 (thread 3)

Something new and unusual happens, and it happens now.

The Avatar of Lord Melkor (as per the instructions of Melkor the Player) crosses the border into Realmspace.

The Angels that are guarding the border do not interfere; it is probable that they cannot interfere, have no power to interfere.
For Lord Melkor is worshipped on Toril, and the evil in the hearts of men and women call to him.
The Angels, have no power over the heart, although they are ultimately bound by it's power.

The Torilian Border Guard reacts almost instantaneously to this threat, but they are not fast enough.

Lord Melkor, reacting with the speed of an Avatar, is able to immediately locate the True Staff of Ancient Penumbra on Toril.
Deep in a protected bunker, surrounded by every manner of defense, it is lying protected under heavy guard.

(Again, following the instructions of Melkor) Lord Melkor's Avatar is on Toril in an instant, past the Border Guard.
Lord Melkor comes against that building in power and wrath.

The defenders were expecting a sudden attack, and they are reacting even as Melkor appears, but the Avatar is upon them before even they can defend themselves, and in moments they are dead.

By this time, a few seconds after Melkor appeared in Realmspace, alarms are now going off across the entire Crystal Sphere.

Melkor, being an Avatar, is able to smash his way through all the defenses.
The defenses around the Staff crumble, and Melkor takes it in hand.

Melkor takes up the True Staff of Ancient Penumbra.

Except, it isn't.
It is a fake, and Melkor realizes this now.
11th level magic was used to make it appear as the real Staff - 11th level magic that can deceive even an Avatar.

It is not the Staff. It is a trap.

Then (as per Forrester's instructions) the trap goes off.

11th level shields go up around Melkor.
Hundreds of them. Hundreds of 11th level spells go off all at once.
These bars of power, forcewalls, astral walls, ethereal walls, chronomantic walls, cages of force and ghostly tendrils, of light and of shade, of pure Good and the essense of Neutrality, of Change and Balance ... every conceivable cage of magic that the Torilians could have created, go up all at once around Melkor in an inescapable death trap.
Torilian mages prepared for this moment appear by the hundreds, surrounding Melkor in every conceivable dimension - physical, out of phase, ethereal, astral, even standing forward and backward in time.

For the Avatar of Lord Melkor, there seems to be no escape.
No escape at all.
Even the Avatar of a Greater God can be halted if enough magic is brought to bear by Mortals, and this seems to be one such occasion.

Behind their hundreds of 11th level spells, a thousand Torilian mages and clerics aim enough firepower at Lord Melkor to turn the planet of Oerth into a cinder.

But they do not discharge that power.
They wait.
They wait for Forrester.

Apparently, Forrester himself wishes to speak with the prisoner.


Secret stuff for Edena:

Edena, I have a plan to retrieve The Ancient Staff Of Penumbra! I will send my Avatar for this mission, who will cast a version of Alter Self( caster level 200), to disguise himself as Forrester! This way he should be easily able to find location of The Staff, using powerful enchantment( mind affecting) magic if necessary. If caught he will try to cut his way to the Staff, summoning many simulacrums of him, like Vecna did against City of The Gods, and relying on stealth abilities of 30th Rogue/50th Shadowdancer. And Church of Shade followers on Toril will aid him in this task, I am sure we have at least one spy in Commonwealth leadership.After getting The Staff, Avatar will greater teleport to my realm in Plane Of Shadow.


But hey, anything is possible. And I'm a paranoid (deleted). So we create a little trap. I WILL hide a (fake, but powerful) pseudo-Staff of the
Penumbra somewhere, and I'll do it almost-sloppily! In other words, I will do it SO CAREFULLY that only the most powerful of the powerful could find out about it. And the mages he reads (assuming he can break through 10th/11th level magic) or trail he finds, whatever, will suggest, barely, where this Staff might be hidden.
And as soon as he teleports in to get it, 11th level Dimensional Anchors goup around the area. 11th level Abjurations of ALL SORTS (Anti-magic fields, etc., etc.) go up to prevent any sort of escape whatsoever.
And these protections will be powerful enough to hold Elminster himself. Whoever comes, I expect he'll have some other artifact along with him to increase his power level. So we'll be ready for it.
Let me know if I get any new pets on Toril, won't you?
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I have checked every message, and all your messages have been sent.
I cannot answer your question concerning the Red Goo - you must find that out through doing the action in question.

Lord Melkor is imprisoned, it would seem, by Forrester.

I need to know what Lord Melkor does, or says.

Especially since Forrester himself has not yet shown up.

-Nooo! Melkor roars in fury, seeing how close his revenge seemed to be, yet he was fooled! Aura of cold hatred that surrounds him intensifies, and Torillian mages start to feel VERY uneasy, especially when they look at what remained from their comrades that guarded Staff, which isn`t much, only clouds of The Shade, slowly fading. Melkor`s appearance also can be quite intimidating, 6 meter tall Knight whose entire body is covered in Armor Of Shadow, that seems to be in motion, for Shadowy images of tormented people constantly appear upon it, their faces twisted in terror. It is said that these are souls of Melkor`s victims. Suddenly Shadowking senses something and laughs:

-Come Forrester, I am awaiting you!

Edena, Lord Melkor sends message to his agents on Toril, that have orders to kidnap Forrester`s wive and daughter, and are prepared for this task( than they would be taken to my Realm in Plane Of Shadow).


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You-Know-Who doesn't answer.

However, a GREAT host of drow is assembling.

They have seen the perfidy of the drow on Oerth.
They have seen them turn their backs on Lolth.

This is an insult that cannot be tolerated.
This is an affront that cannot be bourne.

They are allying with the Illithid Fleet that is already massing against Greyspace.

It is time, states the United Fleet, to stop the sickness and infidelity that has occurred on Toril and in Realmspace, from happening on Oerth and in Greyspace also.

In other words, folks, the drow are coming to clean house on the traitorous drow of Kalanyr.

You can thank Melkor for that - your Seers divine that the Shade are the ones who sent the interstellar message to drow across the Spheres and Planes.


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That requires a Ruling, then a roll.

(rolls the dice, looks rather astonished, then considers things.)

The agents of the Church of Shade just successfully kidnapped the daughter of Queen Amlaruil, Forrester's chief concubine.

Their efforts to kidnap Forrester's children and other concubines failed.


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Somehow (nobody knows exactly how) the news is out that one of the Powers of Oerth intends to invade Krynn! (nobody knows which Power.)

The Nations of Ansalon thus are up for grabs, as follows:

Mount Nevermind
Northern Ergoth

However, Krynn has a little surprise for anyone going there.
I won't give anything away by saying this - those who know what I'm talking about, will understand everything anyways.

You see, their is this young girl with short hair named Mina ...

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