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Edena_of_Neith said:

The siege of Eastfair was unwise.
The forces of the Swanmays and their many allies could have whelmed central Ahlissa, but they dithered trying to take Eastfair.
They have succeeded.
Now, the God Emperor has shown up with his entire army, plus the Lost Elves from Adri Forest.
Furthermore, the main southern army of the Dark Union has now marched up to the battlefield.
Suddenly, the Swanmays, and monsters of Dark Swamp, and the Giants, and the elves of the Lendores, find themselves facing a force many times their own.

First we circle some of our more mobile divisions around and hit the Enemy from all sides. Then the God Emperor, Xaene, Drax, Tenser, Philidor and the elite of the Unions forces (4+2+1+1+2+15) teleport into Eastfair to deal with the occupying army. The PC and NPCs will fight hard but not to the death, they posess the means of escape if necessary.

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William Ronald

Hello, Edena.

I am back.

I thought that the Baklunish and Northwestern Crescent troops could attack the enemy bases in the Hellfurnaces and Crystalmist mountains. After all, Hannibal crossed the Alps with elephants and no magic. I wish I had been given a clear impression that there was NO way for the forces allied to me to fight the humanoid hordes from their side of the mountain.

Be that as it may, I am here.

As for the Black Brotherhood, their provacateurs, where found, are arrested and publicly revealed. The increased security is normal in wartime, and I would think that such a minor (by his own desire) power as Rhialto would have only very LIMITED success. I have a letter from Edena showing I know of the existence of your little organization. Furthermore, all my allies know of your groups existence as does the Scarlet Brotherhood.

If the forces Zelda gave me to control are in trouble, they will do a fighting retreat (as I said in my first post).

The Baklunish and Northwestern Crescent forces will try to secure Keoland. A call goes forth for aid and more vessels to transport allied troops. If troops can be spared from fighting the Church of Shade (Turrosh Mak) tell me, then they are sent home to help. All the forces are fighting a fierce defensive war.

Kaboom, thanks for coming through for me. I will be on line for the next few hours. Edena, sorry if I seem upset. I wish I had been given a clearer picture that it was impossible for the Baklunish and Northwestern Crescent forces to attack the Hellfurnaces and Crystalmists.
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Silver Phase gets his ground forces to establish defences against the incoming Baklunish forces, and tries to spur the scro armada into fighting harder when the time comes to defend themselves from the new threat.

Also, as long as he has no problems with it, Forsaken One's forces are also going to swarm up out of the mountains to assist in the fortification and defense of the Crystalmists.
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William Ronald

I will have two of my demideities, Heward and Keoghtom try to sabotage the Scro Armada as best they can. As Heward is a demigod and a bard, he will seek to control the minds of the scro forces and have them fire upon the spelljammers that they are allied to. Especially the illithid spelljammers.

Turrosh Mak

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yeah what he said.

William get your butt in there

Also, now that williamis back, I'm turning over control of the alliance force to him, Including my forces.

Good luck Wiliam
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The Scion of the Formian Queen uses its awesome telepathic power to hinder the Demi-Gods attempts at control of the Spelljammers! (As long as Forsaken does not object of course)

Drow Tech is being shared with the Hellmaster.
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William Ronald


My forces hold the line against the shade, advancing when possible.

The Army of Swanmays, burns Eastfair, tails it out of the North Kingdom and goes to the Dark Swamp.
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War Update

The elven imperial navy of Greyspace is joining in the spelljamming battle over the western mountains.
So are the dwarven spelljamming mountains.
With their help, the gith and gnomish spelljamming forces are making slight headway against the united scro, illithid, and neogi forces.

Below them, the Baklunish are engaged in a massive struggle for control of the Hellfurnaces, Crystalmists, and Barrier Peaks.
Tens of thousands perish in battles across the passes and mountain peaks and valleys as the two forces fight.
The humanoids and giants, however, are gaining the upper hand, and the Baklunish are being forced back, both to the west and to the east.

In the Yeomanry, the formians, apparently sated from eating so many people, are withdrawing and moving up into the mountains to aid their humanoid friends.
The fell peoples of the Underdark are also moving to aid the humanoids and giants.
Surprisingly, the drow are once again absent.
Nobody knows why.

Forces from the Kevellond League, the Coalition of Light and Shadow, and the huge forces that have arrived via help from the Sky-Sea League retake the Yeomanry and Sterich.
Geoff, however, continues to hold out against their counterattack.
There, the drow actually are involved in the fight, and apparently it is making a difference.
Drow are far more formidable enemies than humanoids and giants!

In the east, the Army of the Swanmays (the swanmays, stormriders, barbarians, giants, elves, and others) burns Eastfair, capital of the Great Empire of Northern Aerdi, to the ground, and razes the land around.
Then the God Emperor and his great host arrives, and the Army of the Swanmays retreats before them, falling back, not fighting.
Well for them that they did not - the southern Army of the Union also has arrived, and the Army of the Swanmays is outnumbered many times to 1.
They retreat all the way to the Dark Swamp.

The Dark Union regains all the territory it lost in the northeast.

The Lendore Fleet is forced to move northward along the coast to the coast of the Dark Swamp.
Barbarian ships come down to their aid, while a Fleet from the Sea Barons moves in to protect the Union Coast.

The war of the Sahuagin and Sea League of the Solnor continues to rage, with many places underwater destroyed or occupied by hostile forces.

In the central Flanaess, the Shades are actually being forced to give ground.
Bitter mile by bitter mile, they are being driven back up the Wild Coast, being forced to fall back.
Dyvvers (or what is left of it) is retaken by the forces of the Kevellond League.
The forces of Shade end up being forced back almost to their starting point.
It costs the lives of countless thousands on the good side to achieve this victory - a very bloody and painful victory to regain land they had originally held.

The Shadow Throne stands unassailed, and apparently unassailable, and the Shades take all of the County of Urnst to their east.

The bitter fight for the Duchy of Urnst continues, taking it's toll of lives, with little land changing hands.

In the north, Iuz and the Solistarim are quiet.
Too quiet, perhaps.

The great army landed on Oerth by Forrester also remains quiet.
For how long, nobody knows.


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