(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 4 (thread 2)

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Edena -- I WILL be engaging the robots, but I must leave within a couple of minutes.

Quickly, answer my questions from the last post in Thread #1: What is the remaining PL of those robots (how well did the faerie do?), are the robots of Lyrn pretty much wiped out given the two antimatter bombs that hit + the uber-sandstorm?



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Forrester said:

Questions, Edena. Questions.

1) How much PL of robots are fighting the faerie? How many did they take out?
2) Has the uber-sandstorm subsided/are all (or vast majority) of the robots in Lyrn dead/stopped/malfunctioning? I would imagine so. Those were some pretty big bombs.
3) My blinded forces -- given my magical capabilities, and the fact that their genetically engineered bodies are resistant to such nonsense, how soon can I get them their sight back?


1) You don't know, and you don't have the time left to find out.
2) The sandstorm continues, and most of the robots there are out of commission.
3) Your forces were blinded. They stay blinded. You will be able to get their sight back, pretty quickly, but not right now - not unless you wish to allow the Robots to completely destroy Veluna, Furyondy, The Empire of Iuz, and the Shieldlands.



Edena: To paraphrase one of Anab's lines "How much experience is a Demogorgon worth?"

Edit- And does beating on THE Abysal lord help my plans towards ascension any?

Also can I resurrect those NPC's later (if this involves killing those Abyssal Lords then I will put some time and energy into doing that)?

Mr. Draco

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He turns with a sigh, following after Forrester for a while.

"We had no method of stoping the horrible assaults these robots carried out, indeed, the Dark Union suffered greatly along with much of Oerth. I urge you, at the least, do not despoil this place of marvelous beauty. Let it stand, unmollested, until such time as it's secrets can be unlocked, piece by piece, carefully, and distributed to all across Oerth. This is our offer. Let the city stand, then, a team of those knowladgeable in such matters, one member from every nation on Oerth, can go through this city, discovering what secrets it holds. As each new technology is discovered, the knowladge of it will be distributed to every nation of Oerth, thus keeping the peace as much as is possible. Consider your actions, for our proposal is the best that has yet been made, in terms of the benefit to those living on Oerth, of which you have stated you wish to join. Would it not be best to see your future fellow people assisted as much as possible?"


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A lot.
Everyone who participated in this, and survived, is going to gain several levels, or more.

However, Tharizdun is still on the battlefield, so survival is a problem.

And the robots are pouring into Veluna, Furyondy, and the Empire of Iuz, killing as they come.


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Thank you.

I leave a ~100PL force (not including the blinded guys -- maybe 40PL worth?) to clean up after the robots in Lyrn.

100PL go to Kalanyr to help against the demons.

340PL to go stop the remaining robots. Let's end this. Quickly.


--I have to rush. Suffices to say that I'll be wary of any dumb traps or whatnot, but I don't have time to express my usual level of paranoia in words. Be back soon, I hope.

Mr. Draco

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As to the forces fighting on the outskirts of the burning forest... Yeah, you're right, most of our regulars don't know how to deal with that type of a situation, that's why we send in the ones that can easily deal with it (i.e.- planars, especially the salamanders, constructs, undead, etc... basically our "special" forces).


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The last Great Battle erupts, all along a thousand mile front from where Highfolk was in the west to Riftcrag in the east.
Torilians against robots.
High magic against high technology.
10th level spells against antimatter rays and missiles.
It is a gruesome slaughter on both sides.
By the hundreds of thousands, the Torilians are mowed down, beamed into oblivion, rayed into subatomic particles, blasted away.
By the thousands, the robots are destroyed, their defenses overwhelmed by high powered spells, their armor pierced by crackling energy, their defenses penetrated by intangible foes.

The two titantic forces stand like men with rifles at twenty paces, firing at each other as fast as they can.
The Faerie come to the aid of the Torilians.
DemiPowers from the Kevellond League and elsewhere come to the aid of the Torilians.
The Solars and Planetars, and Deva, of Alzem come to the aid of the Torilians.
Even the armies of Iuz stand and fight alongside the Torilians.

In a heroic stand, the great army fights the wave of utter destruction that has come from the north.

Antimatter weapons explode among the Torilians.
Incorporeal mages and Faerie tear asunder the robots.

The two sides are evenly matched, titans fighting a final battle for the fate of the Flanaess.

In the south, the demons are now losing to the combined armies of the Torilians and the forces of Kalanyr.
But Tharizdun isn't going down without a fight.

He sees Kas. He sees Kalanyr. He gives a great shout.


With a roar, Tharizdun charges.
With a shout, Kas leaps in.
The battle sweeps towards Kalanyr, and he is dragged into it.
The three fighters erupt into a whirlwind of blades, spells, and mayhem.

Mr. Draco

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Really? he's only PL 6?

Well, whatever, maybe the victory of Kas against the PL20 Vecna was just luck...

We'll see how long this insane wacko lasts... the other one didn't do too well...


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Kas and Kalanyr both go down, seriously wounded, and Tharizdun crows in triumph.
Then the Torilians, mere mortals, charge into Tharizdun, pushing him back, giving Kas and Kalanyr a moment's respite.

Tharizdun slaughters the Torilians, leaving their broken bodies scattered like discarded toys.

He charges Kas and Kalanyr again, sword in hand.
Kas and Kalanyr are ready.
One of them (nobody will ever know who) blocks Tharizdun's sword and turns it away, throwing his defense wide, opening him up to a killing blow.
The other one, and again nobody will ever know who, sweeps his sword in one great arch, and chops Tharizdun the DemiGod into two.
With a shriek that sunders rocks, Tharizdun goes down, and curses both drow and man as he expires.

All around the 3 figures, the Torilians and drow are wiping out the demons.
Red goo is thrust back into their faces.
Abyssal flame is put out with magical cold.
Balor are hacked down with magical blades.
Demonic force is overwhelmed and buried under a sea of attackers, and they are smashed into the earth with the swords and spells of those with 10th level magic.

- - -

In the north, the terrible slaughter continues, as the two titantic forces, man and Robot, continue their struggle for the survival of the Flanaess.
The Faerie do their part to destroy the robots, a big part, and the Torilians start to win.


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The main armies of the Dark Union move to secure the whole of the south eastern Flannaes (everything south of Ahlissa) including the areas previously unclaimed by anybody but excluding Kaboom's territory in the Glorioles.

What remains of our special forces go into Hepmonaland.

Congratulations Kas. Truly a splendid battle. Yet an other medal awaits you in the HQ, they must be becoming quite a burden even for your strength.

The God-Emperor of the Dark Union
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Finally, the last robot expires, as a pixie teleports into it, and reduces it's chipboard to flinders.
That robot falls to the ground.

Like a titantic earthquake ending, and sudden silence following, the great battle ends.
A sudden silence falls across a thousand miles of battlelines.

Then a giant noise erupts, and it is taken up, and it echoes across the lands, and horns carry it from land to land.

The Banner of the United Commonwealth of Toril is raised in victory.
The Banners of the Sidhe (Faerie) are raised with them.
The Banner of the Alliance of Oerth is waved by a few people.
The Banner of the Empire of Iuz is raised proudly.

And everyone who is yet alive realizes that it is over, and they have won.

Victory has been achieved.


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Forgot it, Serpenteye.
It's a deathtrap.
Your men are massacred as they try to land on those shores.

At the moment, at least, the Scarlet Brotherhood and it's Hempmonalander allies have too firm a grip.

Now, if you intend to send a greater part of the entire ARMY of the Dark Union into Hempmonaland, tell me ... that would be another matter.


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I see no reason why all of the bad guys shouldn't die today.

After we are victorious over the robots, I and a 150PL force teleport to Hepmonland, after doing a scry of the area so that we may avoid their traps and ambushes and such.

Given our strength, 10th level magic, and their lousy defense (what is it, a '1'?) . . . well, this should be over with within hours.


(EDIT: I'm assuming that their total PL is 100 or less. Probably much less. If it's not, let me know.)
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Mr. Draco

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"Kalanyr, it was a good fight. You truly are the warrior they make you out to be. My congratulations to you."

OOC: To paraphrase Kalanyr, "How much exp is a Tharzidun?"

Also, we will send 200PL of our forces into Hemponaland to fight those still resisting. We want that land, and we want it NOW. Even if they have the better terrain advantage, 200PL is still ALOT.
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