Iron Kingdom RPG: Unleashed Adventure Kit

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5 out of 5 rating for Iron Kingdom RPG: Unleashed Adventure Kit

This adventure kit comes to you with some quick start rules, a well written Scenario, a full complement of miniatures to use in the scenario (both heroes and villains), and lastly a large group of double sided cardboard terrain pieces. The bang for your buck far exceeds what I would expect from an introductory "Starter Kit" and simply reinforces the quality I expect from Privateer Press with their Iron Kingdom the RPG products.

The Scenario is enjoyable and took my group roughly eight hours to complete over two sessions, though it can easily be trimmed if a shorter game is needed. Rules for character generation are included, though the pre-mades are excellent examples of the denizens you can expect to play in this uniquely primal world.

If you have any inclination to pick up the Core Book for Iron Kingdoms: Unleashed the terrain and miniatures included make this an excellent companion purchase.

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4 out of 5 rating for Iron Kingdom RPG: Unleashed Adventure Kit

The Unleashed Adventure Kit is a starter set with everything you need to begin adventuring in the wilds of the Iron Kingdom. It is a great introduction to the Iron Kingdoms system and specifically the Unleashed setting. Everything is explained and laid out very well for those new to the system.

The included terrain tiles and miniatures look great and are useful for this adventure and all your future exploits too.

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