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Is anyone using third-party worlds on World Anvil? How are you integrating into your world & campaign content?


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
Frog God Games recently put the entire content of their Lost Lands setting guide into World Anvil and it is wonderful. I just love being able to navigate, search, and view the content in World Anvil. The hard copy book just sits on the shelf looking nice.

Currently that is all I'm using World Anvil for--a way to consume Frog God Game's content. I don't have the time to build my own world from scratch and I like the FGG Lost Lands material. But I still like to customize, take sessions notes, share handouts, etc. World Anvil has features that cover these aspects of running TTRPGs, but no easy way to integrate with existing content in other worlds. I'm moving from RealmWorks that had a model where you can buy content and then customize it and link your own content with the purchased content. It had a lot of promise but is no longer being actively developed. I don't expect that WA will offer that same level of integration. It took Realm Works years to get to this point. But I don't see the point in paying for higher levels of World Anvil membership when I can't easily use their tools with third-party content I subscribe to on their site.

If anyone is running a campaign in World Anvil, using content published by a third party in another world on World Anvil, I would love to know what your workflow is and how you make use of campaign management tools in conjunction with the third-party content.

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