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Is there a feat...?


Is there a feat in any of the Paizo or WoTC books that allows the use of the barbarian rage class feature?

Sorry guys its been a long time since I played the game and forgot every powerful stuff :)

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There is a spell though. 2nd Level Bard spell. It's called, appropriately enough, Rage. And it's better than the class feature in one key area: The spell's target isn't fatigued after the Rage ends.


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While I agree that there are no true rage feats in official WotC or Paizo books, there are some feats elsewhere that simulate it. For example, the feat "Pain Is My Friend" simulates a rage ability. It was originally from the Net Book of Feats, but now resides in the D&D Wiki. Here:

Pain Is My Friend (3.5e Feat) - D&D Wiki

Also at the same site you can find Primeval Rage, which is about as close as you can get to having the real rage:

Primeval Rage (3.5e Feat) - D&D Wiki

Having said that, there are some very pale emulations of rage can be found as feats in the Complete Champion book. These are Devotion feats that grant 1/day 1-minute buffs. For example, Animal Devotion gives the option of a strength boost. Some others like Strength, Chaos, Law and Plant domains give pretty good melee combat bonuses. You don't need to be a cleric to use them.


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You could also just multiclass into a level of Barbarian. Nothing wrong with a d12 hp, +1 BA, and some new skills. Oh, and the Rage.

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